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Tunis, 57 December 2014

HIC Expectations of Habitat III
HLRN Publications

Land Times

10 Years after ICJ Wall Opinion: The Legal Letter
India: Bangalore Demolitions, 5K Homeless
Nigeria: More Forced Evictions in Port Harcourt
Angola: Lubango Demolitions & Forced Eviction
Boeung Kak Defenders Jailed in Cambodia
Nepal: 248 Homes Evicted, More Threatened
Tokyo: Arakawa City Evicts Homeless
Tokyo: Koto Ward Evicts Tatekawa Homeless
Egypt: 13 Homes Collapse, >30 Families Displaced
Japan: Nike Threatens Community Park, the Homeless

Housing and Land Rights Violation Database
Mapping Eviction, Dispossession, Destruction and Privatization-related Cases
Total of affected persons by country
Affected persons
0 - 99
100 - 999
1000 - 9999
10000 - 99999
100000 - 999999
1000000 - 1000000000

Types of Cases in Violation Database

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Download the current HLRN report, Bearing Witness to Forced Evictions: Habitat II’s Broken Promise, Habitat III’s Missing Link

This year, the HLRN report from its Violation Database (VDB) addresses the Habitat III process and the ongoing preparations for the 2016 world conference.


VDB data demonstrate the proliferation of forced evictions around the world, which the previous Habitat II Agenda promised to combat. While “official” guidelines for national reports to Habitat III avoid this contradiction, this World Habitat Day 2014 review of violations reminds readers of the need for evaluating the solemn Habitat II commitments made 20 years ago, and the implementation gaps that persist.


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