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10 Years after ICJ Wall Opinion: The Legal Letter
India: 1,200 Bangalore Demolitions, 5K Homeless
Nigeria: More Forced Evictions in Port Harcourt
Angola: Lubango Demolitions & Forced Eviction
Boeung Kak Defenders Jailed in Cambodia
Nepal: 248 Homes Evicted, More Threatened
Tokyo: Arakawa City Evicts Homeless
Tokyo: Koto Ward Evicts Tatekawa Park Homeless
Egypt: 13 Homes Collapse, >30 Families Displaced
Japan: Nike Threatens Community Park, the Homeless

Housing and Land Rights Violation Database
Mapping Eviction, Dispossession, Destruction and Privatization-related Cases
Total of affected persons by country
Affected persons
0 - 99
100 - 999
1000 - 9999
10000 - 99999
100000 - 999999
1000000 - 1000000000

Types of Cases in Violation Database

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Download the current HLRN report, Put a Number on It: Quantifying Costs, Losses and Damages from the Violation of Housing and Land Rights

In telling a story, or making any point, we often rely on numbers. In argumentation, numbers lend credibility and suggest analytical precision. Numbers often speaker louder than words, because they convey important measurements and values that otherwise may not be visible to the mind’s eye.

When telling the story of housing rights violations, Habitat International Coalition’s Housing and Land Rights Network (HIC-HLRN) is responding to its Members’ call for a participatory system to measure the numbers, volume and trends of forced eviction and other forms of deprivation of the human right to adequate housing around the world. That record is found in HIC-HLRN’s Violation Database, the public resource that records the principle forms of housing rights violations and demonstrates through searchable data how grave is the deprivation that results from (1) forced evictions, as well as (2) dispossession, (3) destruction and (4) privatization of human habitat resources.

This year`s Habitat Day annual analysis of entries in the HLRN Violations Database (VDB) surveys the housing and land rights violations recorded over the past four years and focuses on four outstanding cases that reflect current trends and involve effective quantification of the material and other consequences for the affected households and communities. This report takes the reader to Syria, Palestine, India and Kenya to find the state of the art in quantifying costs, losses and damages.




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