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المؤلف : DPU/HIC
العنوان : Habitat III National Reporting Processes: Locating the Right to the City and the Role of Civil Society
الموقع : London
التاريخ : 18 March 2015
الموجز :

As part of a joint research effort with Habitat International Coalition, the Bartlett Development Planning Unit (DPU), City University – London, has just produce the first phase of findings from research into the Habitat III national reporting process across the world. This part of the inquiry surveys the diverse processes in eight countries—Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Jamaica, Mexico, Chile, Peru and South Africa—to determine the level of participation in the processes so far. It makes an early accounting of the content of four national reports so far, determining the extent to which the principles of the Right to the City figure in the reporting criteria and content. This survey represents the first step in a process to repair the national reporting process to ensure an assessment of governments’ implementation of the Habitat II commitments (1996) and applying the Right to the City principles in the outcomes of Habitat III (2016) and their implementation.

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