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المؤلف : HIC-HLRN, South Asia Regional Program (SARP)1
العنوان : Restructuring New Delhi`s Urban Habitat, Building an Apartheid City, A Report on the Resettlement process of Delhi, India
الموقع : Egypt
التاريخ : 01 January 2002
التسجيل : 0
السعر : 5 Euros
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This international fact-finding investigation was carried out by a team of housing rights experts from India, Canada, Egypt, Nigeria, Palestine and the United States. The team visited 11 resettlement sites and interviewed evicted residents from Delhi slums, host communities and Delhi Municipal Development Corporation officials. The team`s assessment of the slum resettlement process of Delhi, India, presents their findings within the normative framework of the human right to adequate housing as defined in international law.

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