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Urgent Action Case Database
Title Date Details Development Support
UA: Cameroon: Yaoundé Demolition of over 250 Family Homes 16 July 2015 CAM-FEDN 160715_Mvog
CAM-FEDN 220715_dev.
Latest Development Support
UA: Cameroon: Douala Demolition, 397 Families in Distress 12 July 2015 CAM-FEDN 120715_Make
OL: 10 Years after the Advisory Opinion on the Wall in Occupied Palestine: Time for Concrete Action 09 July 2014 legal letter icj esp
Latest Development Support
UA - India: Bangalore Houses Demolished, 5K Homeless 30 January 2013 Latest Development Support
UA - Nigeria: More Forced Evictions in Port Harcourt 04 July 2012 Abonnema Wharf.pdf
Latest Development Support
UA - Angola: Demolitions and Forced Eviction in Lubango City 25 June 2012 Lubango_dev1.pdf
Latest Development Support
UA: Rights Defenders Jailed, Boeung Kak Lake, Cambodia 30 May 2012 details_723cc4e2996a
Latest Development Support
UA: Nepal: 248 Homes Evicted, More Threatened 22 May 2012 Latest Development Support
UA : Tokyo, Arakawa City Nature Conservancy Evicts Homeless 22 February 2012 Latest Development Support
UA: Tokyo, Koto Ward Evicts Homeless Persons from Tatekawa River Bed Park 22 February 2012 Latest Development Support
UA: Egypt: 13 Homes Collapse, >30 Families Displaced 22 December 2011 details_a4d8cc13bd74
OL (support): Nike Threatens Local Community Park, Japan 26 September 2010 Follow up Appeal.pdf
UA: Cameroon Evictions & Demolition Policy Affects Thousands 01 September 2010 CAM-DN 010910 sample
UA (request): Pavement Community Faces Demolitions, India 01 June 2010 Support
OL: Kibera, Kenya 50,000 Face Eviction & Homelessness, 21 April 2010 Support
UA (support): Violence against Landless Must Stop, Honduras 13 April 2010 Support
OL: Demolitions and Forced Evictions in Angola 06 April 2010 Support
UA: Demolition in Mfandena (Yaoundé) Cameroon 04 April 2010 Support
UA (joint): Road Project Leaves 100s of Families Homeless, Philippines 16 March 2010 Support
UA: Demolition at Mfandena (Yaoundé) to Celebrate Cameroon`s national day 15 March 2010 Support

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