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05 December 2003 Evictions Resume
According to Urban Poor Consortium in Jakarta, the Jakarta provincial government?s will to keep harming the rights of urban poor continues to live. After stopping for a while during Ramadan, the Jakarta provincial government insists on evicting the urban poor, which already left 15,000 people homeless: the inhabitants living under the highway in North Jakarta, those who live in the surrounding area of Ria Rio Dam in Pulo Mas, those living along the riverbanks on which the Jakarta Canal Project takes place and many others are currently in danger. And the number of these people reaches tens of thousand. The latest events showed that the rights abuse committed by the Jakarta provincial government has spread outside the eviction. Even on the eve of Eid al-Fitr (on 26 November 2003), when the Muslims are supposed to be free from fear and hold happiness, the Jakarta municipal officers of security launched the so-called operation of security and order, which actually means forced confiscation of the means of earning of living belong to the urban poor. While they are incapable of providing jobs for the poor and the unemployed, they prohibited sidewalk vendors or street vendors to earn living on the streets based on the reason to beautify cities. Go on sending protest letters to the authorities in Indonesia, and to the Indonesian embassies in each country, so the Indonesian government and its embassies can realize that those uncivilized actions are permissible nowhere and it is under international watch.
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