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Congo: More than 3,000 Killed in Kasai Region
By: Reuters
20 June 2017
Congolese security forces and a militia fighting them have killed at least 3,383 people in the central Kasai region since October, the Catholic church said on Tuesday, in the most detailed report to date on the violence. Church officials, citing their own sources in the remote territory bordering Angola, said the

Myanmar’ Karen Protest Harmful Thai Coal Mine
By: Inclusive Development
19 June 2017
Karen communities in Myanmar to Thai Rights Commission: Stop harmful coal mine     Representatives of indigenous Karen communities in Myanmar this week filed a complaint with the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand alleging human rights violations resulting from the activities of Thai companies operating an open-pit coal mine. The Ban

Mafia-like Networks
By: Djeralar Miankeol, dandc.eu
18 June 2017
In many developing countries, land grabbing takes place on a large scale, either for the purposes of mining or agriculture. This loss of land is disastrous for the affected village communities. Awareness of the problem is growing, however, and there are more and more tools and guidelines available to soften

Nigeria: Forced Evictions in Badia-East (Lagos)
By: Spaces for Youth Development and Social Change
15 June 2017
Spaces for Change NGO Staff Arrested, Released       LAGOS—A Task Force squad comprising demolition agents of the Lagos State Government and scores of heavily-armed security operatives invaded Badia-East this morning, Thursday, June 15, 2017. With the aid of bulldozers, sledge hammers, iron bars, and earth-moving equipment, they levelled all the structures in

England: Race, Class and Grenfell Tower Fire
By: Skylar Baker-Jordan, HuffPost
15 June 2017
The flames hadn’t even been extinguished from Grenfell Tower before people started screaming that no one should “politicise” this tragedy. As I type this, though, at least 12 people are dead, and authorities expect that number to drastically climb. Most of those who perished, or who lost everything in the

Western Sahara: Ruling against Plunder
15 June 2017
A panel of judges in the High Court in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, judged this morning that the cargo on board the vessel NM Cherry Blossom is rightfully detained, and that a trial to determine its ownership is to take place.       A panel of judges in South Africa ruled today

Trump`s Budget: Homeless in the USA
By: Oakland Institute
14 June 2017
If approved by [the United States] Congress, this budget would make massive cuts to Medicaid and welfare programs. It would drive millions of people off food stamps, with a 25 percent cut to a program that provides a vital lifeline to accessing food for some 42 million Americans, many of

HIC, CSOs Brace for NUA Implementation
By: Gregory Scruggs, Citiscope
14 June 2017
Civil society taking strategic ‘breath’ amid pause on New Urban Agenda     NAIROBI—For the global urban movement, the dust is still settling from last year’s global Habitat III summit, the one time every two decades that the world’s attention turns to its cities.   The October approval of the New Urban Agenda, a 20-year

Irrawaddy Farmers Claims their Confiscated Land
By: Salai Thant Zin, IrrawaddY Division
14 June 2017
Farmers in Irrawaddy Division’s Myaungmya Township demanded the divisional government return more than 200 acres of land confiscated, and subsequently abandoned, by Myanmar’s military to its original owners, at a press conference on Tuesday. Light Infantry Battalion No. 93 of Myanmar’s Tatmadaw confiscated 249 acres of cashew plantations from 32 local

USA: House Passes Bank-deregulation Bill
By: Jeff Stein, Vox
08 June 2017
The House just passed the biggest bank deregulation bill in a generation     On Thursday, Capitol Hill was consumed by former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony. But just after the high-profile hearing played out in the Hart Senate Office Building, House Republicans passed a mammoth, 580-page bill that would do more to

USA: BP Oil-spill Lawyer Now @ EPA
By: Lorraine Chow, EcoWatch
07 June 2017
Trump Names BP Oil Spill Lawyer as Top Environmental Attorney     President Donald Trump announced Tuesday his intention to nominate Jeffrey Bossert Clark—who defended BP in lawsuits surrounding the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill and challenged the Obama administration over greenhouse gas rules on behalf of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce—to

Kenya: Victory for Ogiek in African Court
By: Minority Rights Group
26 May 2017
Huge victory for Kenya’s Ogiek as African Court sets major precedent for indigenous peoples’ land rights   Minority Rights Group International (MRG) wholeheartedly applauds an historic judgment from the African Court of Human and Peoples Rights in Arusha today in favour of the Ogiek community of Kenya. Following an eight-year legal battle, the Court

NUA Reporting in 2018 Crucial
By: Gregory Scruggs, Citiscope
11 May 2017
2018 reporting period will prove critical for New Urban Agenda, advocates say         Labels NAIROBI—Although 2017 is not yet halfway over, advocates for the New Urban Agenda on sustainable cities already are looking to next year as critical for embedding the agreement aims among national governments.   That’s because the recent Habitat III conference set

Al Haq Announces 3rd Summer School
02 May 2017
Al Haq, a HIC Member organization in Palestine, has announced its third International Law Summer School for international post-graduate law students and legal researchers in Ramallah, Occupied Palestine on 08 August - 22 August 2017.   The fourteen-day summer school offers a curriculum covering the following topics:   • Al Haq’s mandate and

UNESCO Denounces Jerusalem Occupation
By: Al Jazeera
02 May 2017
On Israel’s Independence Day, the executive board of the UN education, science and cultural agency slams Israel for “persistent excavations, tunneling, works and projects in East Jerusalem” and calls on the occupying power to end projects aimed at altering “character and status of the Holy City.”         UNESCO`s executive board has passed

UK: Social Sector Evictions on the Rise
By: Nora Uhrig, Shelter Scotland, Scottishhousingnews.com
25 April 2017
We have got used to hearing over recent years about the problems facing families and households struggling to afford the essentials, the growth of foodbanks and having to choose between heating and eating. About how the impact of stagnating incomes, cuts and restrictions in benefits are pushing households in Scotland

US: Low-income Tenants Still Face Evictions
By: Dan Adams, Prweb.com
24 April 2017
oWith the heat of the housing market continuing to climb across the United States, evictions continue to be a challenge for low-to-middle income individuals and families. Adam Almeida, President and CEO of TenantScreeningUSA.com opines: “Evictions are and will be an increasing challenge to the rental market across the country and

Turkish Govt. Seizes All Diyarbakır Churches
By: Nick Gutteridge, Daily Express (London)
22 April 2017
The Turkish government has seized six Christian churches in the eastern city of Diyarbakır.       President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has taken control of six churches in the war-torn southeastern city of Diyarbakır in his latest move to squash freedom of speech and religious movement.    The state-sanctioned seizure is just the latest in a

Panel Probes Confusion over NUA Implementation
By: Gregory Scruggs, CItiscope
13 April 2017
Panel’s formation marks turning point in confusion over New Urban Agenda (NUA) implementation and monitoring     Almost six months after the United Nations adopted a new 20-year urbanization strategy, UN Secretary General António Guterres this week made his first official pronouncement on cities.   As part of the ongoing effort to reshape how urban issues

Nigeria: Thousands Displaced in Lagos State
By: Aljazeera, African Media center
10 April 2017
Thousands of people in Nigeria`s Lagos state were left homeless on Sunday after police stormed an informal fishing settlement and set fire to their homes, according to rights groups and residents. Community members of the Otodo Gbame riverine community said armed police fired bullets and tear gas indiscriminately, forcing them onto

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