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Occupied Kashmir: "India learned from Israel"
By: Dawn
05 August 2020
Youm-e-Istehsal Kashmir: India learned how to change regional demography from Israel, says President Alvi   As Pakistan marks one year to the revocation of Indian-occupied Kashmir`s special status, President Arif Alvi on Wednesday lashed out against New Delhi for its ongoing oppression of Kashmiris, saying that "India has learned how to

USA: Eviction Wave as Moratoriums End
By: Regina Garcia Cano and Michael Casey/AP
04 August 2020
Wave of evictions expected as moratoriums end in many states     BALTIMORE— Kelyn Yanez used to clean homes during the day and wait tables at night in the Houston area before the coronavirus. But the mother of three lost both jobs in March because of the pandemic and now is facing eviction.   The

Occupied Kashmir’s Year of Exploding Memories
By: Adil Amin Akhoon, Sharafat Ali, Foreign Policy
02 August 2020
In Kashmir, a Year of Exploding Memories A year after the state’s special status was revoked, peace remains a distant hope.     SRINAGAR, Jammu and Kashmir—Over the past year, life in Indian-administered Kashmir has grown markedly more challenging. On 5 August 2019, New Delhi revoked Article 370—which had guaranteed a measure of autonomy

USA: Mass Evictions to Hit People of Color Hardest
By: Camilo Maldonado, Forbes
29 July 2020
  Update: mass evictions set to begin - communities of color to be hardest hit     NEW YORK, NEW YORK—During a Monday interview on Fox Business, White House chief economic adviser Larry Kudlow backtracked his comments made Sunday and clarified that the eviction moratorium extension would be for mortgages in forbearance.   With regards

2019 Deadliest Year for Land Defenders
By: Al Jazeera
29 July 2020
`More dangerous every day`: Land rights defenders killings surge Colombia and the Philippines account for more than half those killed in 2019, with Indigenous people at greatest risk.At least 212 people were killed last year while defending their land from being taken over by industry, Global Witness said on Wednesday, making

Zimbabwe to Compensate White Farmers $3.5b
By: Reuters/SABCNews
29 July 2020
Zimbabwe agrees to pay $3.5 billion compensation to white farmers     The agreement signed at President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s State House offices in Harare showed white farmers would be compensated for infrastructure on the farms and not the land itself, as per the national constitution.   Zimbabwe agreed on Wednesday to pay $3.5 billion in

India`s Population Transfer in Kashmir
By: Al Jazeera
28 July 2020
Federal administration in disputed region ends requirement by forces to obtain a special certificate for acquiring land.The Indian administration of Jammu and Kashmir has lifted a requirement set in place by a 1971 circular under which Indian security forces had to obtain a special certificate in order to acquire land

Ethiopia: Ethnic Cleansing in Oromia Region
By: Minority Rights Group
22 July 2020
Recent violence in Ethiopia’s Oromia region shows hallmark signs of ethnic cleansing, says MRG     Minority Rights Group International (MRG) unequivocally condemns the recent violence, harassment, and intimidation against minorities in Ethiopia’s Oromia region, which show disturbing hallmark signs of ethnic cleansing.   Reports to MRG as well as media coverage show that following

Western Sahara: NGOs Appeal to UNSC
16 July 2020
  NGOs –– Geneva Support Group for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights in Western Sahara Open letter to the President of the UN Security Council H.E. Mr. Christoph Heusgen   Your Excellency,   Having followed the discussion at the high-level open debate held on 7 July on the theme "Peace operations and human rights," the 214

Palestine/Israel: JNF Trees Dispossess Bedouin
By: Zafrir Rinat and Almog Ben Zikri, Haaretz
14 July 2020
Israel pushing large tree planting in Naqab to disclaim lands to Bedouin     Israel is pushing through a plan to plant trees across a significant swath of the Negev in a bid to deny Bedouin residents from accessing the lands.   The plan is described as “agricultural planting” but local activists and human

Brazil: Court Orders Miners Quit Yanomami Land
By: Sue Branford, Mongabay
07 July 2020
Brazilian court orders 20,000 gold miners removed from Yanomami Park   The Yanomami Park covers 37,000 square miles in the Brazilian Amazon on the Venezuelan border; it is inhabited by 27,000 Yanomami. Soaring gold prices have resulted in a massive ongoing invasion of the indigenous territory by gold miners who are well

PopTrans in Kashmir: `Another Palestine`
By: Hanan Zaffar, The New Arab
07 July 2020
In Kashmir, the indigenous Kashmiris face an Indian occupation-turned-annexation. Like the parallel experience in Palestine, they fear the same demogrpahic manipulation through a new wave of colonization that may constitute the serious crime of population transfer (poptrans)...      Within a year of revoking Indian-administered Kashmir`s autonomy, New Delhi has started issuing `domicile`

USA: Judge Shuts Down Dakota Access Pipeline
By: Amy R. Sisk, Bismarck Tribune
06 July 2020
A federal judge has ordered the shutdown of the Dakota Access Pipeline while a lengthy environmental review is conducted of the project opposed by environmentalists and the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.   The move was requested earlier this year by Standing Rock and three other Sioux tribes in the Dakotas who fear environmental harm from

USA: Evictions Soon to Hit Black Renters Hardest
By: Renae Merle, The Washington Post
06 July 2020
Evictions are likely to skyrocket this summer as jobs remain scarce. Black renters will be hard hit   Eviction moratoriums and unemployment benefits are expiring, which will have a bigger effect on minority neighborhoods, experts say.     A backlog of eviction cases is beginning to move through the court system as millions of Americans

Urban Farming Benefits in Nairobi
By: Carolyn Fry, CGIAR Water, Land and Ecosystems
03 July 2020
Understanding Nairobi’s urban agriculture sector helps to enhance equality and climate resilience Food makes up almost half of trading in the vibrant informal sector of Kenya`s capital city. Every day, farmers, processors and traders sell goods that are either locally generated or brought in from up-country. An estimated 250,000 households generate

USA: Coronavirus Evictions
By: John Oliver, HBO
02 July 2020
With evictions on the rise due to COVID-19, comedic actor and TV host John Oliver uses irony to discuss the long struggle to obtain and sustain adequate housing in the United States, why it’s gotten worse in recent months and how to prevent an impending crisis.     View the broadcast on YouTube:

UNHCHR Urges Israel Halt Annexation Plans
29 June 2020
Bachelet urges Israel to halt West Bank annexation plans, warning “shockwaves will last for decades”     GENEVA—The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, on Monday added her voice to the wave of international and national calls on the Government of Israel not to proceed with its plans to illegally annex

Protesting Germany-based Monster Landlord Vonovia
By: MieterAKTIONärIn
28 June 2020
Vonovia: Germany based landlord giant expands across Europe   For a couple of years the DAX-listed real estate trust Vonovia—a product of sell outs of social housing in Germany to financial investors—is also the largest  private landlord in Austria and Sweden, and has a stake in a French housing company. On 26 June,

Brazil: Prospectors Murder 2 Yanomamis over Land
By: Valéria Oiveira, G1 RR (globo.com)
26 June 2020
Prospectors murder young indigenous people while invading Yanomami Land in Roraima   Original Yanomami, 24, and Marcos Arokona, 20, died, according to the District Yanomami and Ye`kuana Indigenous Health Council (Condisi-Y). Conflict was in an area of closed forest in the region of the Parima River, in Alto Alegre.     BOA VISTA— A conflict

European Lawmakers Oppose Israeli Annexation
By: Noa Landau, Haaretz
23 June 2020
Lawmakers from 25 European States Sign Statement Opposing Israeli Annexation   More than 1,000 lawmakers signed statement expressing `serious concerns` about Trump administration peace plan, echoing EU chief`s stance that annexation `could not passed unchallenged`     More than 1,000 lawmakers from 25 European countries have signed onto a statement opposing any unilateral Israeli annexation

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