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Tokyo Homeless Evicted for 2020 Olympics
By: Adam Forrest, The Big Issue
04 April 2017
Authorities make arrests in a Tokyo park as construction begins for the 2020 Olympic Games   At least three people were forcibly removed from a park in Tokyo where homeless people have been protesting against building work going on in preparation for the 2020 Olympics.   There are plans to build four new skyscrapers

Keystone Pipeline Shuts down after Oil Leaks
By: Mike De Souza, National Observer
04 April 2017
Alberta-based TransCanada Corp has shut down its Keystone pipeline after crews spotted oil near a pump station in South Dakota, the company said in a statement on Monday.   The company, Canada`s second largest pipeline operator, said the "potential incident" was first reported on Saturday afternoon.   "TransCanada immediately began the process to shut

Ethiopia: World Bank Ignores Land Grabbing
By: Linda Flood, arbetet.se
03 April 2017
Stockholm — Sales of huge land areas of Ethiopia, by the Ethiopian government, to foreign investors, have led to starvation and forced displacement. In his documentary Dead Donkeys Fear no Hyenas, Swedish film director Joakim Demmer exposes the consequences of land grabbing, and holds the World Bank complicit. The chase for

Colombia: Forced Displacement of Families
By: CoDevelopment Canada
31 March 2017
Forced Displacements Leave Hundreds without Homes, Threaten Hundreds More. For over sixty years, the Cauca River in Cali, Colombia has been home to thousands of residents who farm, run businesses and live along its banks (known as el Jarillón). Since October 2016, families in the Venecia Las Vegas neighbourhood of el

Solidarity Appeal against Tokyo Homeless Eviction
By: Various solidarity groups
30 March 2017
Urgent statement of protest against the total enclosure of Miyashita Park in Shibuya Ward     TOKYO—On 27 March 2017, Miyashita Park, in Shibuya Ward, was completely enclosed by a series of 3-meter-high steel panels. Since the end of last year, this park has served as a place to sleep for approximately 20

Myanmar: Restitution Properties, Peace
By: Norwegian Refugee Council, Displacement Solutions
29 March 2017
The question of housing, land and property (HLP) restitution has received increased attention over the past several years throughout Myanmar as the country continues to consolidate recent democratic gains and political reforms. This paper has been prepared in the spirit of paragraph 80 of the 2016 National Land Use Policy

Dangerous Liaisons: French Banks & Israeli Colonies
By: Association France Palestine Solidarité, CCFD - Terre Solidaire, Fair Finance France, FIDH, LDH, Solidaires, CGT and Al-Haq
27 March 2017
Report reveals links between five French banks and insurance companies and the Israeli settlements     PARIS—Several organisations (Association France Palestine Solidarité, CCFD - Terre Solidaire, Fair Finance France, FIDH, LDH, Solidaires, CGT and Al-Haq) are publishing a report today on French banks’ dangerous liaisons with the Israeli settlement enterprise. The report highlights

UN Probes Crimes against Rohingya in Myanmar
By: Al Jazeera
24 March 2017
UN mission will investigate allegations of killings, rape and torture by security forces against Rohingya in Myanmar. The investigators must provide a full report by next year.     The leading United Nations rights body has agreed to send a fact-finding mission to Myanmar to investigate alleged abuses by security forces against Rohingya

New Landless Constituency
By: Hic-HLRN
23 March 2017
The number of people considered landless number in the hundreds of millions across all                regions. In India, for example, as many as 307 million rural people are considered landless. In Bangladesh, almost 4.5 million are landless. Landless People`s Movement of South Africa is composed of rural people and people

UN Official Quits over Israeli "Apartheid" Report
18 March 2017
A new report of the UN Economic and Social Council for Western Asia (ESCWA) has analyzed the institutionalized material discrimination that Israel practices against the Palestinian people as a form of apartheid. While this analysis is not new and has been upheld by numerous legal scholars, as well as UN

Trumps Public Housing “Death Budget”
By: Yawu Miller, Bay State Banner
16 March 2017
The Trump Administration draft budget calls for a $6 billion in resources to Housing and Urban Development. Such cuts are seen as part of long-term plan to de-fund public housing-benefits programs.     BOSTON—When President Donald Trump appointed neurosurgeon and former presidential candidate Ben Carson to head the federal Department of Housing and

Mobilization Call: 60 Years after Treaty of Rome
By: La Via Campesina
14 March 2017
For healthy and quality food, decent work, and a just and sustainable agricultural policy in a Europe of the People and of Solidarity. We call on ECVC’s member organizations, allied groups, grassroots networks, and the whole peasant and food sovereignty movement in Europe to mobilize this 25 March – on the

Toward a UN Declaration on the Rights of Peasants
By: La via Campesina
09 March 2017
The need for a UN Declaration on the Rights of Peasants and other People Working in Rural Areas is all the more urgent and evident in the 21st century. Despite years of campaigning for a better recognition and protection of the rights of peasants, displacements and criminalization continue affecting hundreds

Women Have a Right to Land and Housing
By: Isabella Bwiire, NewVision.org
08 March 2017
As we celebrate the International Women’s day today, emphasis should be put to the extent to which some of the obligations have been achieved with regard to women’s basic needs including shelter, access to land and land security etc. The state of shelter development in Uganda shows that, with the

USA: Carson Calls Slaves “Immigrants”
By: USA Today
07 March 2017
Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson referred to slaves as "immigrants" while speaking Monday to HUD employees.   "That`s what America is about, a land of dreams and opportunity," Carson said. "There were other immigrants who came here in the bottom of slave ships, worked even longer, even harder for

Women Land and Human Rights Defenders
By: Osprey Orielle Lake, Emily Arasim, Common Dreams
07 March 2017
Across the wide world, women are rising up to protect the Earth, one another, and the common good. Women around the world stand at the forefront of rising movements to defend and protect the health of water, land, air and diverse communities. On this International Women’s Day, it is vital to

Rule of Law and Women Food and Land Rights
07 March 2017
We live in a world of abundance, yet ensuring food security remains challenging. Women are responsible for more than half of global food production. Yet they account for 70 per cent of the world’s hungry and are disproportionately affected by malnutrition. Achieving food security is not only a question of ensuring

Land Rights Changing Women’s World of Work
By: Monique Barbut, IPS Agency
06 March 2017
BONN, Mar 6 2017 (IPS) - International Women’s Day this year focuses on economic empowerment in the changing world of work. The vision is to achieve gender equality and empowerment of women and girls by 2030. Girls’ aged three will become adults with a legal right to work in 2030.

A Demand for Compensation for Acquired Land
By: La via Campesina
02 March 2017
Since 21 November 2016, farmers in Lahurmau village of Kanpur, whose lands were acquired to build a Nyveli-owned thermal power plant, have been staging an indefinite strike by the banks of Yamuna river. These farmers from neighbouring eight villages allege that the construction at the site have already begun even before

Bali Meeting Tackles Oceans’ Plastic Pollution
By: Al Jazeera
26 February 2017
UNEP and Indonesia launch campaign to solve global issue of massive amounts of plastic ending up in oceans.     NUSA DUA, Bali, Indonesia—The sun is peeking from over the horizon, greeting early morning beach-dwellers to the sounds of crashing waves, the feel of tropical humidity and the sight of an entire beach

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