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India: Forestry Officials Burn Tribals` Homes
By: Dherindra Panda, Civil Society Forum on Human Rights
15 April 2012
The Forest Department (the Government of Odisha in India) burnt down houses of 18 Paudi Bhuinya families. Identified as a primitive tribal group (PTG) in Bonai Forest division of Sundargarh district, these poor and vulnerable families had to be forcefully driven out of their houses to see their houses and

Panama: Village of the damned
By: Glenn Elis, Al-Jazeera
14 April 2012
  Away from its busy capital city and famous canal, Panama is one of the world`s most ecologically diverse nations. Yet huge new hydroelectric dam projects now underway are seeing pristine rivers damned and virgin rainforest flooded. The government says it is vital for economic growth, big business is cashing in

U.S. Govt. Pays Cash for Indigenous Lands
By: Victoria Pelham, Cronkite News
11 April 2012
WASHINGTON—Federal officials announced a $1 billion settlement Wednesday of claims filed by 41 tribes, including five from Arizona, who said the government had long mismanaged their trust lands. The settlement ends 22 months of negotiation and more than a century of conflict between the government and the tribes over management of

India: Kolkata MDA Eviction, Arbitrary Arrests
11 April 2012
The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received updated information from MASUM, concerning the forced eviction of the residents of 300 houses by the Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority undertaken on 28 and 30 March 2012. The residents are reportedly victims of hurricane Aila from the Sundarban and those displaced from

China: Housing Rights Defender Jailed
By: Josh Chin, Olivia Geng, China Real Time
10 April 2012
A disabled former lawyer who has clashed repeatedly with authorities while assisting people illegally evicted from their homes was sentenced on Tuesday to two years and eight months in prison for fraud and “creating a disturbance,” her attorney said. The sentence marks the latest sign that the Chinese government will continue

Bangladesh: Dhaka Slum Eviction, Catastrophe
By: Rezwan, Global Voice
07 April 2012
On Wednesday (4th of April, 2012) the dwellers of Karail slum, one of the biggest in the Bangladesh capital, were evicted by the authorities to free Gulshan Lake from land grabbers. The inhabitants were given short notice via miking in the previous day, which many might have missed. Thousands of

Kenya: Fresh Clashes, 1,000s Displaced
By: IRIN News
02 April 2012
ISIOLO - Hundreds of families in the central county of Isiolo have been displaced as deadly clashes pitting the Borana, Somali and Turkana communities escalate. Ibrahim Sheikh Mohamud, a leader from the neighbouring Wajir region, told IRIN that at least 210 Isiolo families have been taken to the Anjara area in

Toward African Cities without Slums
By: Kaci Racelma, All Africa.com
01 April 2012
Rabat — Millions of Africans live in slums, and the rapid growth of African cities is compounding the problem. Africa faces the huge challenge of "improving the lives of slum dwellers, but also preventing the formation of new slums," says Joan Clos, executive director of the UN Human Settlements Programme

Nigeria: Africa’s Vanishing Lake Chad
By: Ahmad Salkida, Maiduguri, Africa Renewal
01 April 2012
As you approach the Lake Chad basin from Maiduguri, in northeastern Nigeria, the atmosphere of despair is telling. The air is dusty, the wind is fierce and unrelenting, the plants are wilting and the earth is turning into sand dunes. The sparse vegetation is occasionally broken by withered trees and

Sudan Governor: “Deliver them swept clean, rubbed, crushed...”
By: Al Jazeera
31 March 2012
The governor of Sudan’s Southern Kordofan has been filmed addressing troops before a battle with rebel fighters urging them to "take no prisoners."   In footage obtained by Al Jazeera, Ahmed Harun, the state governor who has already been indicted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for crimes against humanity in Darfur,

Hard Lessons of Post-Communist Privatizations
By: American Sociological Association
30 March 2012
WASHINGTON DC—A new analysis showing how the radical policies advocated by western economists helped to bankrupt Russia and other former Soviet countries after the Cold War has been released by researchers.   Authored by sociologists at the University of Cambridge and Harvard University, the study, which appears in the April issue of

DRC: 100s More Flee LRA Attacks
By: Fatoumata Lejeune-Kaba, UNHCR
30 March 2012
DUNGU, Democratic Republic of the Congo, March 30 (UNHCR) – Continuing attacks by the rebel Lord`s Resistance Army (LRA) have displaced more than 1,200 people and killed two in north-east Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) this month. This brings the known number of displaced in Orientale province this year

Guatemala: 1,000s March to End Forced Evictions
By: Amnesty International
29 March 2012
Guatemala’s new government must halt the use of forced evictions to resolve land disputes, Amnesty International said, after tens of thousands of demonstrators took part in a nine-day protest march to the country’s capital, Guatemala City. The 215km march was organized to mark the first anniversary of the forced eviction of

22 HR Experts Urge Rio+ 20 Accountability
26 March 2012
Twenty-two UN human rights mandate holders have issued an open letter to governments meeting at the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (the Rio+ 20 Summit), 20–22 June 2012. They point out the risks that commitments made at Rio will remain empty promises without effective monitoring and accountability. The experts make

Conference: Global Land Grabbing II, October 2012.
By: Institute of Development Studies.
25 March 2012
The organisers invite papers that offer rigorous and innovative analysis based on recent, original field research. Doctoral students and younger researchers, particularly from the global South, are especially encouraged to participate. The deadline for submission of abstracts to landpolitics@gmail.com is 31 May 2012. For full details see the Call for Papers

ANC @ 100: Lessons Palestine Can Teach Us
By: Ahmed Kathrada, CityPress
25 March 2012
As a South African who has lived and suffered under Apartheid and spent nearly thirty years of my adult life in its jails for resisting it, I can and do humbly claim to know something about the meaning of Apartheid. You do not get to journey as far and as

Colombia: Protect Communities in Northern Cauca
23 March 2012
The grave act of violence that took place on Thursday evening, March 14, 2012, in the rural area of Santander de Quilichao, Cauca, has generated new concerns regarding the presence and control of armed groups in ancestral territories. It also corroborates the concerns expressed by indigenous and Afro-descendant organizations regarding

HIC-HLRN and Human Rights Metrics
23 March 2012
HIC-HLRN participated in the Third Annual Meeting of the International Network on Quantitative Methods for Human Rights and Development (Metrics for Human Rights and Development), hosted in Madrid by The Center for Economic and Social Rights (CESR). The meeting, entitled ¨New Horizons in Economic and Social Rights Monitoring¨ took place

Africa: Slum Dwellers Denounce Forced Evictions
22 March 2012
  NAIROBI—Slum dwellers from across Africa have urged their governments to stop forced evictions and work toward providing them with adequate shelter and basic services.“Better housing is not a favour our governments should extend to us, but a right that we deserve to be given like everybody else,” said Alhassan Ibn

Oil Deals to Displace 30K Ugandans
By: Hugo Williams
21 March 2012
London — Uganda government`s rush to sign oil deals without a legal framework puts communities at risk of losing their livelihoods Local farmer Doke sits surrounded by his family under the shade of a mango tree, on a small farmstead in Kabaale parish, western Uganda. "I`ve been here for 30 years. I

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