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Kabul Housing Shortage to Soar
By: Construction News Afghanistan
25 April 2010
Kabul is in the midst of transformation, with new city developments emerging from the ruins, but for Afghan refugees returning home, high rents and a shortage of housing, has left them homeless.    Some three million refugees are stranded in Pakistan and about a million in Iran, everyday hundreds move to

Cochabamba People`s Climate Summit Concludes
By: AFP and Reuters
22 April 2010
People`s Climate Summit Seeks to Halve Emissions by 2020 AFP COCHABAMBA, Bolivia—A "people`s conference" on climate change agreed in Bolivia Thursday to call for the halving of greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 at the

Brazil Dam Tender Triggers Protest
By: Al Jazeera
20 April 2010
Around 500 activists of Greenpeace, the environment group, dumped three tonnes of manure in front of the National Electric Energy Agency`s offices in Brasilia, where the tender was speedily awarded on Tuesday. The government launched the bidding process to begin construction of the Belo Monte dam after successfully appealing against a suspension order. The tender

One City`s Water Privatization Fight Globalalized
By: Tina Gerhardt, AlterNet, and Anil Naidoo, Council of Canadians` Blue Planet Project
19 April 2010
Cochabama, Bolivia was ground zero ten years ago in the fight against water privatization, but the threat still persists across the world.High up in the Andean valley, 8,000 feet above sea level, lies Cochabamba, Bolivia. The name, Khocha Pampa, from the indigenous Quechua, means swampy plain. Once a lush and

50,000 Kenyans Face Threat of Eviction
By: Tom Odula, The Daily Caller
16 April 2010
The government order has received sharp criticism from an international human rights group and from those affected, most of whom are slum dwellers in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi. The government order does not include a resettlement plan, and residents facing eviction say they don`t know where they will go.

European Parliament Occupied by the Homeless
By: Art in Defence of Humanism
10 April 2010
Galschiøt has created 13 big bronze sculptures of homeless people, all in natural size. These very heavy sculptures are by now on their way to the European Parliament to act as the start signal for a debate in all member countries about the conditions under which the homeless have to

Flooding in Rio de Janeiro State Kills Scores
By: BBC Online
07 April 2010
A state of emergency has been declared and officials have warned the death toll may rise as many more are missing.   At least 33 people died in Rio de Janeiro city after 28cm (11in) of rain fell in 24 hours, while 33

Angola: Don`t Destroy My Home
07 April 2010
The association OMUNGA has started a large national and international mobilization process of solidarity with the victims and protest against those actions that contradict the right to reunion and demonstration as recognized in the Angolan Constitution and Resolution 37/09 of the Angolan Parliament on evictions. Such actions also violate all

African Land Grabs not a Cure to Arab Food Concerns
By: Dina Zayed, Reuters
07 April 2010
As desertification dries up farmland across the Arab world, the region`s governments cannot remedy concerns about food security solely by looking to Africa for agricultural production, a regional expert said. Desertification threatens 20 percent of the already dry Middle East and North Africa, pushing many states to invest in African farmland

Tamil Nadu Quiet over UNHRC Eviction Inquiry
By: C. Shivakumar, Express Buzz
06 April 2010
According to the UN agency`s report of the Special Rapporteur on adequate housing as a component of the right to an adequate standard of living, and on the right to non-discrimination, around 430 families living along the Cooum River on Spur Tank Road and Choolaimedu in Chennai were forcibly evicted

Homeless in Singapore
By: AlJazeera
05 April 2010
See Video: http://english.aljazeera.net/video/asia-pacific/2010/04/2010457551961144.html

Maasai Mau Evictions to Start Soon
By: Wanjiru Macharia and Julius Segei, Daily Nation
05 April 2010
The demarcation will officially kick off the third phase of evictions to restore the country`s largest water tower.   The settlers have, however, vowed not to budge.   Since the restoration of the forest started last

USA: Neighbors Lock Arms in Dispute over Evictions
By: Lorraine Ahearn, News & Record
04 April 2010
They had been cited with lease violations at their HUD-subsidized housing for minor repairs and upkeep charges, some as minor as a $10 mini-blind, and charged $3 for light bulbs.   Trivial as the charges sound, they added up to penalties, small claims

Mekong River Drying up?
By: HIC-HLRN and agencies
04 April 2010
State of Mekong Basin Good but Future Developments Bring both Risks and Opportunities Mekong River Commission, Hau Hin, Thailand 2 April 2010

Angola: Rebuilding by Demolishing
By: Sylvia Croese, Pambazuka News
25 March 2010
8 March marked the start of "Operation Combat and Demolition of Shacks and Anarchic Constructions in the Municipality of Lubango," in the capital of the South Western province of Hui­la in Angola. So far, 2,000 houses have been demolished along the Moçâmedes Railway (CFM) which has been under reconstruction since

Botswana: San Bushmen Eight Years Dry
By: Survival International
21 March 2010
As the world marks World Water Day, the Gana and Gwi Bushmen of Botswana are marking eight years without access to a regular supply of water in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. In 2002, the Botswana government cut off and sealed a borehole, which the Bushmen relied on for water,

Abuja, Nigeria: Demolitions to Affect 20K Families
11 March 2010
The Social and Economic Rights Action Center (SERAC), is deeply concerned about the recent plans by the FCT Department of Development Control to forcibly evict, and demolish the homes of Lugbe residents, a suburb of the FCT located along the International Airport Road, Abuja. The demolitions, previously scheduled to commence

Cambodia Pushes out Poor for New Developments
By: Joel Elliott, Global Post
11 March 2010
Neighbors and family members tried to stop the bulldozers and excavators from tearing down their homes by linking arms and forming a human wall around their neighborhood. But they could not withstand the tear gas. They broke ranks, choking and coughing. Besides tear gas, police beat residents with electric batons

Italian Authorities Urged to Stop Evicting Roma
By: Amnesty International
11 March 2010
In a new briefing paper, The Wrong Answer - Italy`s "Nomad Plan" violates the housing rights of Roma in Rome, Amnesty International has warned that the programme, which began in July 2009, violates the human rights of thousands of Roma. The measures envisage the destruction of over 100 Roma settlements across

Philippines: Homes Destroyed for Road Project
By: Beverly T. Natividad, Philippine Daily Enquirer
06 March 2010
Despite appeals from residents earlier to postpone the demolition until they were moved to relocation sites, the DPWH proceeded to tear down the shanties on R-10 to widen the road spanning parts of Tondo in Manila all the way to Navotas. “Our houses were demolished despite our efforts to arrive at

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