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Aggressions, Demonstrator Detentions in Angola
By: Multiple organizations
03 September 2011
Public Statement on the Aggressions and Detentions of Demonstrators on 3 September 2011

UK: 400 Irish Travelers Facing Forced Eviction
By: by Jon Land, 24dash.com
23 August 2011
Human rights campaigners have called for a halt to the eviction of families living on the UK`s largest illegal travellers` site. Amnesty International says the planned eviction of almost 100 families living on Dale Farm, near Basildon, Essex, could leave up to 400 people homeless. Basildon Council officials,

Philippines: 25,000 Informal Settlers Get Houses
By: Chito A. Chavez, Manila Bulletin
22 August 2011
MANILA, Philippines — The Quezon City government Monday said it will award 25,000 housing units in the National Housing Authority (NHA) relocation sites to the city`s informal settlers especially those living in areas listed as danger zones. Ramon Asprer, head of the city`s Urban Poor Affairs Office (UPAO) said

Philippines: Do we have to learn to live with slums?
By: Paul Mason, BBC News
16 August 2011
Manila--The rich elite in cities across the world want to clear the slums that are now home to a billion people. But many of those who live in shanty towns like that which lines the banks of the San Miguel canal, do not want to leave. Why? I had come

Georgia: IDPs Face Eviction from Hotel "Abkhazia"
By: By Salome Modebadze, The Messenger (Tbilisi)
15 August 2011
IDPs facing eviction from hotel "Abkhazia" are continuing their protest. Opposing the "illegal decision" of the Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees of Georgia (MRA) IDPs demanded protection of their rights in front of the Parliament on 13 August. IDPs had been registered at

HIC Joins UN Habitat`s Forced Eviction Experts
11 August 2011
<A href=`http://www.unhabitat.org/content.asp?cid=10124&catid=282&typeid=6&subMenuId=0`>UN HABITAT announcement</A>

Land Disputes Plague Afghanistan
By: Tom A. Peter, Alaska Dispatch
11 August 2011
Things had been tense in Mirwais Mena, a village just outside Kabul, since Qais Hassan, a member of the Afghan Parliament, and his brother Mirwais reportedly built a wall through the village and told residents he would seize all the homes on one side of the wall. The village

India: Government Disavows CW Games Evictions
By: Joel Joseph, The Times of India
10 August 2011
GURGAON: In its reply to the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), the state government has denied that the local administration had forcefully evicted people during the Commonwealth Games last year. The NHRC had asked the Haryana chief secretary to send a reply by August 5 on the basis of

Cambodia: Evictions End World Bank Loans
By: Prak Chan Thul & Martin Petty, Reuters
09 August 2011
"The World Bank`s last loan to Cambodia was in December 2010," Country Director Annette Dixon said in a statement. The World Bank said on Tuesday it had stopped providing loans to Cambodia and would not resume lending until the government did something to help hundreds of families facing

Philippines: Tribes Defend Forest, Communities
By: Davinder Kumar, AlertNet
09 August 2011
In the Philippines, when the rest of the population goes to sleep, a reclusive community of indigenous people prepares for another restless night of fear and uncertainty. Far away in the dense, dark forests of Occidental Mindoro, where Mangyan people are scattered in remote, small settlements, tribal leaders now

"Britain Travellers Eviction Violates HRAH," UN SR
By: Josie Ensor, The Telegraph
08 August 2011
So it is no wonder that Basildon council found it a little galling when Racquel Rolnik, a Brazilian professor, criticised its decision to evict hundreds of gipsies from an illegal camp. Prof. Rolnik, the UN`s special rapporteur on housing, has written to the Government insisting that the eviction be

Burma: Land Acquisition as Theft
By: U Myo
04 August 2011
For generations, Burma`s land-holding patterns have been riddled with inequalities and injustices. In the feudal era, the King possessed most lands and serfs were forced to work his estates. In the colonial era, large landowners exploited class and ethnic inequities in order to advance British interests. Unfortunately, after six

Croatia: WB Funds Land Admin. Modernisation
By: Press Release No:2012/045/ECA
04 August 2011
World Bank Continues to help Improve the Land Administration Systems and Modernize the Port of Ploce WASHINGTON--The World Bank Board of Executive Directors today approved two loans to the Republic of Croatia, the Integrated Land Administration Project in the amount of EURO 16.5 and an additional financing loan for

India: Former Minister Arrested for Land Grabbing
By: Hindustan Times
04 August 2011
Former Tamil Nadu minister and DMK leader NKKP Raja and four others were arrested in Erode on Thursday in connection with a land grabbing case. Raja becomes the second minister of the previous DMK regime to be taken into custody in the continuing crackdown by the AIADMK government on land

Burma`s Military Confiscates Mon Rubber Farms
By: Lawi Weng, The Irrawaddy
01 August 2011
The Burmese military`s South-East Regional Command based in Moulmein, the capital of Mon State, confiscated about 600 acres of rubber plantation in Thanbyuzayat Township in the second week of July to build a military base, according to local residents. "They have already measured the land and put up signboards

Australia: Court Grants Native Land Title
By: Kellee Nolan, The Sydney Morning Herald
27 July 2011
After a 15-year legal saga, native title rights have been granted to two Aboriginal groups in a moving Federal Court session on Victoria`s coast. The Gunditjmara and Eastern Maar peoples were on Wednesday granted native title ownership of Deen Maar Island, also known as Lady Julia Percy Island, and 4000 hectares

Women: Secure Land Rights=Less Violence?
By: Amanda Richardson, Landesa Center for Women`s Land Rights
26 July 2011
The problem of domestic violence in the world can seem intractable. In a recent report, UN Women notes that in 17 out of 41 countries, “a quarter or more of people think that it is justifiable for a man to beat his wife.”[1] Think about that. In almost half of the

"Simply Unacceptable": Homelessness in USA
14 July 2011
The National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty—NLCHP (USA) has issued a new report "Simply Unacceptable": Homelessness and the Human Right to Housing in the U.S. "Simply Unacceptable" includes a report card, grading the United States on its response to homelessness and its compliance with the state obligation to ensure

Honduras: Human Rights Violations in Bajo Aguán
12 July 2011
An International Observation Mission on the human rights situation in Bajo Aguán visited Honduras from 26 February to 4 March 2011. The six networks and human rights organizations conducted the Mission in order to evaluate and make visible the human rights situation in this region, as a special case of

Sudan`s Nuba Mountains: The Next Darfur?
By: Powell Network Blog
07 July 2011
The Nuba Mountains, a disputed region in central Sudan, was given a special status the so-called Popular People`s Consultation under the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) signed in Kenya in 2005 between Northern Sudan and Southern Sudan. According to the CPA, the Nuba

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