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AU Adopts Displaced Persons Convention
By: Al Jazeera
23 October 2009
African Union members could soon be obliged to help and protect millions of citizens uprooted by conflict and natural disasters, after the body agreed a convention on internally displaced people. Yoweri Museveni, the Ugandan president, whose country hosted the African Union (AU)

Thousands Freed from Sri Lanka Camp
By: Al Jazeera
21 October 2009
More than 4,000 ethnic Tamils have been released from government-run detention camps in northern Sri Lanka, and allowed to return home. The freed detainees are part of a larger group of 40,000 who have been cleared to return to former Tamil Tiger strongholds, in the largest release from the camps since

NGOs: IMF Loan Policies Worsen Crisis
By: Adrianne Appel, Inter Press Service
06 October 2009
BOSTON—While world leaders banter about International Monetary Fund and World Bank business in Istanbul, NGOs critical of the way the Bretton Woods institutions operate are not letting up pressure.The IMF needs to change its policies, not just its rhetoric, said Conny Reuter, secretary general of SOLIDAR, a European civil society

Manila Floods: Who`s to Blame?
By: Kenneth Cardenas
05 October 2009
It comes as no surprise that public anger in the aftermath of the Ondoy disaster has focused on corruption and incompetence among government officials: on how Arroyo’s Le Cirque dinner could have paid for disaster response equipment; how her son was spotted stocking up on booze even as people were

Uganda: 1,000s Return after 20 Years Displaced
By: UN News Service
02 October 2009
A new rice-based farming system aimed at improving food security and reducing poverty in Uganda has enabled the incremental return of around 1.5 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) after living in makeshift camps for more than 20 years. Although some tensions remain

South Africa: State Must Intervene to Stop Violence
By: Development Action Group
02 October 2009
According to reports from the Kennedy Road community, an informal settlement in Durban, a group of heavily armed men have attacked leaders of the democratically elected Kennedy Road Development Committee, and intimidated participants at an Abahlali baseMjondolo Youth League camp, resulting in at least four deaths, many injuries, and homes

Dozens Dead in Indonesian Quake
By: BBC Online
30 September 2009
The epicentre of the 7.6-magnitude quake was about 50km (30 miles) off the coast of the Indonesian island, near the city of Padang. There are reports of widespread destruction to buildings and bridges. It

Philippines: Tropical Storm Ketsana Affects Thousands
By: BBC Online
27 September 2009
Tropical Storm Ketsana triggered the worst flooding in decades in the capital Manila and nearby provinces. Defence Secretary Gilbert Teodoro said troops, police and civilian volunteers had rescued more than 4,000 people - many clinging to each other on roofs. More than 250,000 have been driven from their homes, officials

Kenya: Dozens Killed in Clashes over Land, Water
By: (dossier 2009)
26 September 2009
Lush Land Dries up, Withering Kenya’s Hopes Jeffrey Gettleman, The New York Times 8 September 2009 LOKORI, Kenya—The sun somehow feels closer here, more intense, more personal. As Philip Lolua waits under a tree for a scoop of food, heat waves dance up from the desert floor, blurring the dead animal carcasses

Iraq`s Marshlands in Peril Again
21 September 2009
Back in 1993, fisherman Nasser Shamkhi Dawood, now aged 63, abandoned the area after former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein diverted water away from it to drive out Shia insurgents who had risen up against his regime after the 1991 Gulf War. After 2003 and Saddam’s demise, the network of dams, dikes

USA: Financial Crisis Hits FHA
By: Dina ElBoghdady, Washington Post
18 September 2009
The Federal Housing Administration has been hit so hard by the mortgage crisis that for the first time, the agency`s cash reserves will drop below the minimum level set by Congress, FHA officials said. The FHA guaranteed about a quarter of all U.S. home loans made this year, and the

UN Mission Reports Gaza War Crimes Evidence
By: UN Press Release
15 September 2009
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Russia`s Shrinking Cities
By: Karina Ioffee, Associated Press
07 September 2009
YASNOGORSK, RUSSIA—Three decades ago, the Yasnogorsk Machine-building Factory stamped out thousands of pounds of steel and iron into parts for wagons, pumps and locomotives for Russia`s mining industry. Now two-thirds of its stamping and welding machines have been shut down. The old Soviet-era equipment is rusting, and fewer than 280

Australia: Aboriginal Housing Scheme Stalled
By: Phil Mercer, BBC News
05 September 2009
Sydney—The A$660m (US$562m; £342m) scheme is designed to address chronic housing problems in Aboriginal communities. The project aims to construct 750 homes in the Northern Territory and refurbish hundreds of others. Officials blamed "administration problems" for the delays - which prompted one minister to quit. The slow pace of this ambitious

Indonesia: Killer Quake, Thousands Homeless
By: Daily Mail (UK) & Al Jazeera
04 September 2009
Thousands Homeless after Java Quake Al Jazeera 4 September 2009 Thousands of people have been left homeless in the wake of a major earthquake that killed at least 59 people in Indonesia.

Housing & Land Rights in Xinjiang/East Turkestan
By: HLRN and agencies
04 September 2009
Riots Sparked by Racial and Religious Tensions in Xinjiang, China   Jonathan Manthorpe, Vancouver Sun   4 September 2009   Chinese security forces chase Han Chinese demonstrators at a roadblock

Sub-Saharan Africa’s Vanishing Peasantries and the Specter of a Global Food Crisis
By: Deborah Fahy Bryceson, Monthly Review (July–August 2009)
31 August 2009


China: CERD Finds Urban Discrimination
28 August 2009
The Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD), the UN body monitoring state compliance with the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, has issued its observations today, following its review of the People`s Republic of China. CERD has found patterns of discrimination affecting rights

Ted Kennedy`s Housing and Land Rights Legacy
By: Obama Foodorama & NLIHC
28 August 2009
Senator Edward M. Kennedy, John Boyd and the Fight to End Discrimination against Black Farmers Obama Foodorama 28 August 2009 Senator Kennedy was a shining light in one of the ugliest civil rights battles in American agricultural history—which is ongoing even

Colombia: Massacre, Displacement of Indigenous
By: IDMC and others
26 August 2009
Members or agents of the Colombia army are suspected to be responsible for the assassination of 12 members of the Awá indigenous group in Nariño department while they were sleeping in their homes on 26 August 2009. The victims of assassination included seven children and one woman, who earlier had

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