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Five Years of Illegality: Time to Dismantle Israel`s Wall
By: Valérie Féron (Oxfam International Report)
09 July 2009
After five years of illegality, it is time to dismantle the Wall and respect the rights of Palestinians. In an advisory opinion, rendered on 9 July 2004, the International Court of Justice stated that Israel`s construction of the Wall in the occupied

NYC Eviction Business Booming amid Foreclosures
By: Ailsa Chang, National Public Radio (USA), "Morning Edition"
07 July 2009
For the third month in a row, more than 300,000 homes went into foreclosure. And for those who have to carry out evictions, throwing people out of their homes is a stressful and dangerous job. In New York City in recent years, two marshals have been shot, and one was

UK: Housing "Not Favoring Migrants"
By: BBC Online
07 July 2009
Once they settle and are entitled to help, it adds, the same proportion[of migrants] live in social housing as UK-born residents. The prime minister has said guidance would change so that local people get priority for social housing in England.

California Homeless Demonstrate, Demand Housing
By: Libcom
03 July 2009
On 2 July 2009, hundreds of homeless Californians marched on the Sacramento Town Hall to demand "safe ground." It has been about three months since city officials shut down a large "tent city" occupied by Sacramento`s homeless people. Now, some of the tent city`s residents say they feel like refugees, with

Sulukule (Istanbul): 1,000 Years of Community Lost
By: Sean David Hobbs, Newsplink
30 June 2009
Istanbul -- The legendary music clubs and belly dancers were the first to go. There’s no longer a trace of the lively coffee shops or balcony restaurants. And now, the once-narrow alleyways are strangely opened wide: because of the bulldozers, Sulukule, a gypsy settlement within Istanbul that dated back to before

Lula Approves Amazon Land Tenure for Small Farmers
By: Dossier from various sources
26 June 2009
Brazil`s Lula Signs Amazon Bill Tim Hirsch, BBC News, Sao Paulo Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has approved a controversial bill allowing Amazon farmers to acquire

Tales of Tent City, USA
By: Ben Ehrenreich, The Nation
22 June 2009
"This is the bigger picture," said John Kraintz, with a sweep of his arm, indicating the roughly two dozen remaining tents pitched around him on a muddy, pockmarked field between the city dump and the slow green waters of the American River. Kraintz is a thin man of 57, a

UN Envoy Calls for Investigation into Peru Clash
By: AP and Gman News
20 June 2009
LIMA, Peru — A U.N. envoy on indigenous rights called Friday for an impartial, internationally supported committee to be set up to investigate bloody clashes between Peruvian police and Amazonian Indian protesters that killed at least 33 people.

Peruvian Congress Repeals Two Controversial Laws
By: Prism Webcast
20 June 2009


World’s Worst Places to Be a Refugee
By: Katie Mattern, Inter Press Service (IPS)
18 June 2009
WASHINGTON – Gaza , South Africa and Thailand are among the world`s worst places to be a refugee, according to the latest annual World Refugee Survey released here Wednesday by the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI).The survey, which was issued in advance of World Refugee Day Jun. 20,

UN Concern over Sri Lanka Camps
By: BBC Online
11 June 2009
But the government rejected the suggestion, saying that it aimed to resettle most by the end of this year. About 250,000 people fled the final bloody phase of the civil war between the

Nairobi Slum Residents Speak against Evictions
By: Susan Njanji, Mail and Guardian Online
10 June 2009
"We need a conducive environment to proceed with our exams," said O-level pupil Ben Ogada, who sits for his final pre-university examinations in December. "The government`s threats are disrupting our learning process." His Korogocho Glory School, built 15 years ago just off

New Report: Global "Farmland Grab"
27 May 2009
Land and times are changing. It used to be that the ongoing large-scale land acquisition in Africa was predominantly by internal privatization and land grabs by postcolonial political and military elites. Before that, land grabs by foreigners was among the classic forms of colonialism. Now the trend synthesizes

Tibet: Resistance to China`s Dam & Mining Projects
By: various
25 May 2009
"Standoff at Tibet Gold Mine" 24 May 2009 Hong Kong—Hundreds of villagers in the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR)

CESCR Adopts General Comment 20 on Discrimination
25 May 2009
The UN`s Committee on Economic Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR) has issued new guidance for states` implementation of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. The latest General Comment No. 20, which CESCR adopted on 25 May,  clarifies the meaning and criteria for compliance with the Covenant`s Article

Nigeria Delta Carnage Displaces Thousands
By: Andrew Walker, BBC News, Warri
21 May 2009
When military

Botswana: Government Renews Assault on Bushmen
By: Survival International
20 May 2009
According to a report by Survival International, yesterday, the government sent truckloads of police and wildlife scouts to their territory in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR) to confiscate all of their goats.   This is quite serious since the Kgeikani rely on those goats for essential nutrients. The government still denies

Sri Lankan IDPs Top Half a Million
By: IDMC and others
19 May 2009
·                     By February 2009, conflict-displaced persons in Sri Lanka were approximately 495,000; ·                     Of this number, 281,698 were displaced after April 2006 and approximately 214,000 from the period before; ·                     The biggest number of IDPs in 2008 were in the Vanni where due to access restrictions getting accurate figures was impossible; ·                    

USA: Obama Addresses Overdue "Pigford Claims"
By: Earthworks Farm Weekly E-Newsletter
19 May 2009
In the 2010 Federal Budget, President Obama is attempting to redress the outstanding civil rights grievances of Black American farmers, by proposing a $1.25 billion deal to settle their discrimination case against USDA, which has come to be called "The Pigford Claims."  The funding could benefit as many as 80,000

Pakistan: Swat Valley Displacement Swells
By: IDMC and AFP
17 May 2009
At least 360,000 displaced by north-west fighting, remaining civilians without services 14 May 2009, IDMC Heavy fighting in

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