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Palestine: Land Day & BDS Global Day of Action
By: Boycott National Committee
30 March 2009
Today, the Palestinian people scattered across the globe mark Land Day, commemorating the events of 33 years ago, when Israeli security forces shot and killed six young Palestinian citizens of Israel and injured many. These brave youth were among the thousands protesting Israel`s expropriation of Palestinian land to build new

Brazilian Court Affirms Indigenous Land Rights
By: BBC Bews
19 March 2009
By 10 votes to one, judges ruled to maintain an Indian reservation in the northern border state of Roraima as a single, continuous territory.   It means that a small group of outside rice farmers with plantations in the area will now have to leave.   The head of the court also

Findings of the International Mission to al-Naqab/Negev
14 March 2009
At the invitation of its local member, the Regional Council for the Unrecognized Villages (RCUV), Habitat International Coalition organized a fact-finding mission to study the human rights conditions of the indigenous Bedouin communities in the Negev/Naqab. This mission follows upon the recent publication of the Goldberg Commission Report (GCR). The

One in 50 U.S. Children Face Homelessness
10 March 2009
The report, by the National Center on Family Homelessness, analyzed data from 2005-06 and found that more than 1.5 million children were without a home. "These numbers will grow as home foreclosures continue to rise," Ellen Bassuk, president of the center, said in a statement. The study ranked

South Africa: Landless People`s Movement, 8 Arrested
By: Landless People`s Movement
03 March 2009
On Sunday morning, Maureen Mnisi and others from Landless People`s Movement (LPM) gave a petition from the Protea South community to their ward councillor, regarding various issues on which the voters would like to have a report-back. While the community members were signing the attendance register at the community hall, Maureen

FMR: Climate Change & Forced Displacement
By: HLRN Staff
25 February 2009
Just recently published are the October 2008 issue on "Climate change & displacement" and the December 2008 issue: "Ten Years of the Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement"

Obama`s Caterpillar Visit a Snub to Activists
By: Stephen Zunes, Alternet
14 February 2009
In his speech on Thursday, Obama praised Caterpillar, saying, "Your machines plow the farms that feed our families; build the towers that shape our skylines; lay the roads that connect our communities; power the trucks that deliver our goods."  He failed to mention that Caterpillar machines have been used to

Church of England Divests from Caterpillar
By: Palestinian Solidarity Campaign UK
09 February 2009
Over this weekend, 7th and 8th February, the Church of England clarified their position on their investments in companies profiting from the illegally occupied Palestinian territories and now wish to make clear that late last year they removed over £2.2 million in Caterpillar, a company whose bulldozers and heavy plant

NZ: Maori Land Deal, Gas Credits over Haka War Dance
By: BBC News
09 February 2009
The New Zealand government has agreed to acknowledge Maori ownership of the haka war dance used by the national rugby team, the All Blacks.   The agreement comes after protracted negotiations between the government and several Maori tribes seeking compensation for historic grievances.   Millions of dollars are being paid in a

High Court Approves Demolition of West Bank Village
By: The Association for Civil Rights in Israel--ACRI
05 February 2009
JERUSALEM—The High Court of Justice rejected last week (January 26) a petition submitted by the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) and Rabbis for Human Rights on behalf of the Palestinian residents of Khirbet Tana, effectively allowing the State to destroy all of the village`s houses but one, despite

Report: Current Crisis in Housing and Financial Sectors
By: Raquel Rolnik, SR on Housing, UNOHCHR
04 February 2009
The present report is the first one presented to the Human Rights Council by the new mandate holder, Raquel Rolnik, who took up her position on 1 May 2008. In view of the current crisis in the housing and financial sector, the Special Rapporteur decided to devote this thematic report

Abbas: 90,000 Gazans Left Homeless
By: Al Jazeera English
04 February 2009
Abbas told politicians gathered in Strasbourg on Wednesday that Israeli blockades and illegal settlement expansion have continued, and called for Israel to answer for its activities. "We should no longer deal with Israel as a state above the law, above all accountability, above international law," Abbas said. "We should put an end to

Brazil`s Indigenous Await Decision on Historic Struggle
By: Lopaka Purdy, Rights and Resources Initiative
03 February 2009
It was in 1993 that the demarcation of the Raposa Serra do Sol Indigenous Reserve was first proposed.  After being identified as an Indian homeland by the National Indian Foundation (FUNAI) in 2004, the lands (totaling 1.8m ha) were mapped during the term of then president, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, and

Spanish Court Admits Israeli War Crimes Case
By: PCHR (Gaza)
31 January 2009
The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) welcomes the decision by the National Court of Spain to launch an investigation into seven Israeli former senior Israeli military officials suspected of having committed war crimes in the Gaza Strip.

Settlement Data "Implicates Israel"
By: Al Jazeera English
30 January 2009
Yesh Din said on Friday that the classified information, compiled by the Israeli defence ministry, would allow it to help Palestinians sue the Israeli government for damages. Michael Sfard, Yesh Din`s legal counsel, said the information was a "severe indictment" of Israel`s military and government. Israeli authorities are "systematically violating international law and the property rights of

UN Expert: Cambodia Evictions Make 1,000s Homeless
By: UN Press
30 January 2009
Forced evictions in Cambodia make thousands of people homeless: UN expert   "More than 130 families were forcibly evicted during the night of 23 and 24 January 2009 from Dey Krahorm, in central Phnom Penh to make way for a private company to redevelop the site."The forced eviction was carried out in

USA: FBI Saw Mortgage Fraud Early
By: Paul Shukovsky*, Seattle Post Intelligencer
29 January 2009
The FBI [Federal Bureau of Investigation] was aware for years of "pervasive and growing" fraud in the mortgage industry that eventually contributed to America`s financial meltdown, but did not take definitive action to stop it. It is clear that we had good intelligence on the mortgage-fraud schemes, the corrupt attorneys, the

Indian Villagers in Human Chain to Protest Development
By: Jatindra Dash, Reuters
27 January 2009
The protest is the latest in several land disputes involving multinationals and it comes days after the London-listed company said it was ready to start mining bauxite in Orissa state. Members of the indigenous Dongria Kondh tribe that has lived in the lush forests of Niyamgiri hills in eastern Orissa state

Israel: Chaplin`s Call to Commit War Crimes
By: Ben Lynfield, The Independent
27 January 2009
The booklet, entitled "Go Fight My Fight: A Daily Study Table" for the Soldier and Commander in a Time of War, was published especially for Operation Cast Lead, the devastating three-week campaign launched with the stated aim of ending rocket fire against southern Israel. The publication draws on

Iraqi PM Promises Free Land to Journalists
By: Campbell Robertson, The New York Times
27 January 2009
His timing, a month before provincial elections, as well as his admonition to journalists to focus on stories of progress and reconstruction, might be seen as an attempt to buy favorable news coverage.   But if it was, there were few objections from the journalists, who have been demanding the land giveaway

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