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Colombia: Massacre, Displacement of Indigenous
By: IDMC and others
26 August 2009
Members or agents of the Colombia army are suspected to be responsible for the assassination of 12 members of the Awá indigenous group in Nariño department while they were sleeping in their homes on 26 August 2009. The victims of assassination included seven children and one woman, who earlier had

Brazil: Clashes over São Paolo Slum Eviction
By: BBC World
24 August 2009
Some 2,000 people living in a shanty town on the outskirts of São Paulo erected burning barricades to resist police attempts to evict them. Smoke rose above the Capão Redondo slum in the south of Brazil`s biggest city as dozens

Two-Track Economy Emerging from Recession
By: Simon Johnson, The New York Times
20 August 2009
The quick way to talk about how any economy is doing is in terms of "growth." This is just what it sounds like—a measure of how much the total value of production in a country has increased in the last month, quarter or year.

Angola: Civil Society Addresses Forced Evictions
20 August 2009
A historical development: Members of the Angolan civil society have united to declare their extreme concern at the resurgence of forced evictions across the country. They demand that the State institutions responsible stop violations of the right to housing, guarantee human rights on a universal basis, and formulate a participatory

Pakistani Christians Evicted and Homeless
By: The Deccan Chronicle and CCN
18 August 2009
Hundreds of Pak Christians Evicted off Their Lands Deccan Chronicle, 18 August 2009 Islamabad — Hundreds of Pakistani Christians are living in tents in Islamabad for the past

USA: Homeless Tent Cities
By: The New York Times & Wall Street Journal
11 August 2009
Cities Tolerate Homeless Camps Jennifer Levitz, Wall Street Journal 11 August 2009 NASHVILLE, Tenn.—Last summer, police responding to complaints about campfires under a highway overpass found dozens of homeless people living on public land along the Cumberland River. Eviction notices went up—and then were suspended by Nashville Mayor Karl Dean, a Democrat,

Angola: Oil & Housing
By: AfricaFocus Bulletin
10 August 2009
With Secretary of State Hillary Clinton`s visits to Angola on 9-10 August and to Nigeria later this week, the spotlight is on U.S. geo-strategic interest in Africa`s oil and potential rivalries with China in access to the oil. But the dominant theme of oil industry developments is likely

Atlanta GA: Homeless Advocates Sue City
By: Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless
31 July 2009
"It`s high time we sought relief from the pattern and practice of harrassment of the Task Force, its emergency overflow and support services facility at Peachtree-Pine and against specific individuals who lead this organization in its powerful work," said Board Chairman Bob Cramer.   "The harrassment and interference began seriously in

Zimbabwe`s Urban Poor Face Mass Eviction
By: Bill Corcoran, Irish Times
25 July 2009
Mr Mugabe`s 2005 Operation Murambatsvina (Throw out the Trash) left up to 700,000 people homeless around the country. It was widely seen as a punishment for the urban poor who overwhelmingly voted for the then opposition MDC in that year`s general election.   Although

Congo-Kinshasa: Fresh Fighting Uproots 1,000s
By: UN News Center
24 July 2009
The displaced are sheltering in the Ruzizi River plain, near the DRC`s borders with Rwanda and Burundi, after fleeing the latest military campaign, called Kimia II, which started on 12 July and seeks to disarm the notorious ethnic Hutu militia known as the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda

ZA: Black Farmers Face Land Repossessions
24 July 2009
In July the state-owned Land Bank, which provides financing and advice to black farmers and is pivotal in addressing racially skewed land ownership, told parliament that more than 350 farms would have to be repossessed if the non-payment of loans continued.

Kenya: Resource Battle Kills 20 in North
23 July 2009
Tensions over water and pasture during a drought in the surrounding arid rangelands unusually spilled over into extensive rioting in the town of Isiolo on 18 July. Politically exploited ethnicity plays a part, observers say, as four ethnic groups have made two,

South Africa Discontent over Housing, Services
By: BBC News
22 July 2009
Police have fired rubber bullets at demonstrators in Johannesburg, the Western Cape and the northeastern region of Mpumalanga. In Mpumalanga, there were reports of foreign-owned businesses being looted as foreigners sought police protection. More

Squatters Win High Court Appeal to Stay
By: Denver Isaacs, The Namibian
22 July 2009
High Court Judge Petrus Damaseb yesterday granted the shanty residents an interim interdict, declaring the law whereby the City of Windhoek is allowed to remove them off its property, the Squatter’s Proclamation of 1985, declared invalid and of no effect.This will remain the case until at least August 14, when

Tribals in Orissa Resort to Forcible reclaim of Land from Companies
By: Sarada Lahangir, Thaindian News
19 July 2009
The forest land, however, had been sold off by the non-tribals owners to private companies. Protesting the ownership of private companies on the forest land, members of Chasi Mulia Sangh (CMS), a newly created and a ‘pro-tribal group’, has forcibly occupied 300 acres of the land in Bandhugaon Block of

Soldiers Speak about Attacks on Gaza Homes, Civilians
By: BBC News
15 July 2009
The troops said they had been urged to fire on any building or person that seemed suspicious and said civilians were sometimes used as human shields. Breaking the Silence, a campaign group made up of Israeli soldiers, gathered the anonymous accounts.

Pakistan`s Displaced Begin Return
By: al Jazeera
14 July 2009


Five Years of Illegality: Time to Dismantle Israel`s Wall
By: Valérie Féron (Oxfam International Report)
09 July 2009
After five years of illegality, it is time to dismantle the Wall and respect the rights of Palestinians. In an advisory opinion, rendered on 9 July 2004, the International Court of Justice stated that Israel`s construction of the Wall in the occupied

NYC Eviction Business Booming amid Foreclosures
By: Ailsa Chang, National Public Radio (USA), "Morning Edition"
07 July 2009
For the third month in a row, more than 300,000 homes went into foreclosure. And for those who have to carry out evictions, throwing people out of their homes is a stressful and dangerous job. In New York City in recent years, two marshals have been shot, and one was

UK: Housing "Not Favoring Migrants"
By: BBC Online
07 July 2009
Once they settle and are entitled to help, it adds, the same proportion[of migrants] live in social housing as UK-born residents. The prime minister has said guidance would change so that local people get priority for social housing in England.

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