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Call on EU for Israel to End Collective Punishment
By: Al Haq
31 October 2007
Al-Haq open letter to the European Union on Israel’s attempt to ‘legalise’ reprisals and collective punishment against civilians in the Gaza Strip Dear Excellencies, As a Palestinian human rights organisation dedicated to the promotion and protection of human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT), Al-Haq is appalled by Israel’s

Israel plans to ’isolate Gaza 100 per cent’
By: The Jordan Times
28 October 2007
OCCUPIED JERUSALEM (AFP) - Israel plans to paralyse the infrastructure of the Gaza Strip in every possible way and separate itself completely from the Palestinian territory in the long term, a minister said on Saturday. "We want to separate ourselves from the Gaza Strip at the level of its infrastructure in

Pygmy Confront World Bank over Logging
By: Abid Aslam, Inter Press Service (IPS)
26 October 2007
WASHINGTON -- The World Bank is scrambling to respond to complaints that it broke its own rules to support commercial logging at the expense of Pygmy lands and livelihoods in the war-wrecked Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).At issue is the future of the Congo Basin, home to the world’s second

PLO Disputes Jerusalem Rail Plan
By: Rory McCarthy in Jerusalem and Angelique Chrisafis in Paris, The Guardian
26 October 2007
The Palestinians have begun legal action against two prominent French companies in an attempt to stop work on a contested light-railway project in Jerusalem. When it begins operating in 2010, the railway will stretch for eight and a half miles through West and East Jerusalem, taking, it is estimated, 400,000

KKL-JNF Scotland under Investigation
By: Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign
26 October 2007
Earlier this month, Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign raised a complaint with OSCR’s investigations team in relation to KKL-Scotland’s registration as a charity. The letter argued that “the genesis of KKL Scotland creates a strong presumption that KKL-Scotland will be operating primarily for the benefit of JNF (Israel)/KKL. That means that

Coca-Cola Faces Community Protests, Criminal Allegations
By: India Resource Center
25 October 2007
Community Protests Coca-Cola Plant in India   25 October 2007: Over 600 people marched and rallied against the Coca-Cola bottling plant in the village of Sinhachawar in Ballia district in India yesterday, demanding that the plant be shut down permanently. The community has accused the bottling plant of pollution and also

Navajos Seek Aid to Restore Environment
By: Judy Pasternak, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
24 October 2007
WASHINGTON -- Navajo tribal officials asked Congress on Tuesday for at least $500 million to finish cleaning up lingering contamination on the Navajo reservation in the American Southwest from Cold War-era uranium mining, an industry nurtured by its only customer until 1971: the United States government. The tribe also sought

Human Rights Envoys Urge Roma Protection
By: UN Press Release
24 October 2007
Housing rights of Roma are abused in several parts of Europe. Our offices have received an increasing number of complaints about this problem in a great number of European states including Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia,

UN Expert Criticizes Canada
By: Michael Shapcott, Wellesley Institute, Canada
22 October 2007
The preliminary observations [of the UN Special Rapporteur on adequate housing] are the first stage toward completing a major review on Canada’s compliance with its international housing rights obligations. The report will be presented to the United Nations Human Rights Council, the highest human rights body within the UN, early in

NYC Labor Suppport for Israeli Boycott
By: NYC Civil Service Newspaper
20 October 2007
The Chief-Leader, The NYC Civil Service Newspaper October 19, 2007 Thompson and Israel To the Editor: The undersigned trade-union activists disagree with New York City Comptroller William C. Thompson and the Jewish Labor Committee, who have joined the witch-hunt against British unions for boycotting Israel (See 7 September 2007 issue below) Palestinian trade-union bodies have long

Indigenous Peoples: Best Forest Custodians
By: Marwaan Macan-Markar, Inter Press Service
18 October 2007
CHIANG MAI, Thailand, -- The millions of indigenous people living across Asia and the Pacific are finally gaining recognition for the key role the play in forest conservation. This shift has been a feature of a major conference being held here this week to shape forest management policies in this

Istanbul’s Roma Face Upheaval
By: BBC Online
10 October 2007
A run-down district behind a decaying stretch of Istanbul’s Byzantine city walls, Sulukule has been home to the Roma (Gypsies) for 10 centuries. It is thought to be the oldest Roma settlement in the world. But the area has been earmarked for a regeneration project the Roma fear will force

China to Relocate Tibetan Nomads
By: BBC News
02 October 2007
The Tibetans are being relocated to protect the source area of key Chinese rivers in northwest China’s Qinghai province, Xinhua news agency reported. The grasslands are suffering from overgrazing, desertification and the effects of climate change, it said.   Some 60,000 people will be moved by year-end and 40,000 more by

UN Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing Statement on Habitat Day
By: UN
01 October 2007
"The international community commemorates World Habitat Day on the first Monday of every October, reminding us of our commitment to the protection and realisation of the human right to adequate housing and to an adequate standard of living for all people across the world. It is also an occasion to

HIC-HLRN Issues Two New Reports on Habitat Day
01 October 2007
Across the globe, privatization, development, conflict, and war have dispossessed and forcibly evicted over 8 million people within the past three years. These are the findings of the Housing and Land Rights Network (HLRN) of Habitat International Coalition (HIC) issued today, on the occasion of International Housing and Land Rights

Gold Mining and Land Rights in Mali
19 September 2007
Since 2003, Mali is the third-largest producer of gold in Africa. Industrial gold mining has led to much hope for Mali’s economic development: the increase in state revenue should have had a positive impact on social expenditures in the areas of education, health, etc. Moreover, the establishment of a mining

UN Special Rapporteurs Conclude visit to Mexico
By: Espacio DESC
14 September 2007
PRESS RELEASE, September 14th 2007   Megaprojects: Are they a way towards development or a sentence to marginalization? Kothari and Stavenhagen surprised by the force of Mexican civil society when confronting authorities that do not hear their demands or suggestions.   The seminar “Development Megaprojects and Human Rights: the case of La Parota” was

United Nations Adopts Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples
By: UN News Centre
13 September 2007
    The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples has been approved after 143 Member States voted in favour, 11 abstained and four – Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States – voted against the text.   A nonbinding text, the Declaration sets out the individual and collective rights

UN Special Rapporteurs Visit Opponents of La Parota Dam
By: Guerrero, Mexico
10 September 2007
On Sunday, September 9th, the United Nations Special Rapporteurs on Adequate Housing and on the Situation of Human Rights and Fundamental Liberties of Indigenous Peoples, accompanied by representatives of the Mexican office of the United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights, met with campesinos opposing the Parota project, and expressed

South Stands with Indigenous Peoples at the U.N.
07 September 2007
UNITED NATIONS--Despite continued opposition from the United States and some other major powers, the United Nations General Assembly seems poised to adopt the Universal Declaration of Indigenous Peoples` Rights later this month. Indigenous leaders told IPS Friday they were optimistic that a vast majority of the 192-member General Assembly would

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