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UN-Habitat Governing Council Backs Women in Land and Property Rights
By: UN Habitat
26 April 2007
The Governing Council of UN-HABITAT on Friday passed a resolution providing new guidelines aimed at improving women’s land and property rights and access to finance. "While we have some success stories with regard to land, UN-HABITAT’s research shows that the implementation of women’s rights to land, property and housing remains

Brazil’s Homeless Workers Join Month of Protests
By: Mario Osava, Inter Press Service
25 April 2007
In greater Sao Paulo, the movement’s actions escalated on Mar. 16, when about 500 families occupied an area of 1.2 million square metres in Itapecerica da Serra, a municipality of 160,000 located 38 kilometres from Sao Paulo’s city centre. This Wednesday the invasion had grown to some 3,000 families, a

Civil Groups Pressure EU
By: Fiji Times
23 April 2007
CIVIL societies have join thousands of workers, farmers and campaigners from across Europe, Africa and the Caribbean in coordinated action outside European Commission Delegations to call for a stop to unfair trade deals between Europe and the developing world. The Pacific Network on Globalisation said civil society groups had called

India: People Protest Steel Project
By: KalingaTimes
23 April 2007
Bhubaneswar, India- There is a clear lack of trust on the part of the people in the villages earmarked for the proposed POSCO steel project toward the local authorities since all decisions and processes in the past two years have been based on consultation between the administration, government and the company

Campaign for Elected UN Assembly Launched
By: Anne Penketh, The Independent
23 April 2007
Some 541 politicians, academics and business leaders from Europe and around the world have signed an appeal for the creation of a UN parliamentary assembly to overcome the "democratic deficit" in global affairs and give citizens a bigger voice. One of the main objectives of the campaigners - including Dame

UN Habitat Fund to Finance Slum Housing
By: Stephanie Nieuwoudt, Inter Press Service
19 April 2007
NAIROBI - Some relief for the pressing housing needs of slum dwellers may be in sight. The United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN Habitat) is planning a revolving fund to assist poor people with credit to build houses in slum areas. The proposal is contained in the organisation’s medium term

Nestlé Bottling Operations Court Controversy
By: Eli Clifton, Inter Press Service
19 April 2007
WASHINGTON - The Sierra Club, a U.S.-based environmental organisation and shareholder in Nestlé and Corporate Accountability International, led a gathering of concerned citizens at Nestlé’s North American headquarters in the north-eastern city of Greenwich, Connecticut to call on the company to "respect the right of local communities to exercise democratic

The ABCs of Home Demolitions in Israel
By: Eileen Fleming, Dissident Voice
18 April 2007
  Beit Arabiya is the name of the home of Salim and Arabiya Shawamreh, a family of nine whose home has been demolished four times. Any day now, the Civil Administration, Israel’s military government over the Occupied Territories, could order the home demolished for the fifth time.   The Shawamreh home in the

Brazil’s Homeless and Landless Unite
By: By Gary Duffy, BBC News, Sao Paulo
17 April 2007
In the countryside, protest action is led by the controversial and better known organisation of landless workers, MST, or Movimento dos Trabalhadores Sem Terra. Critics say not all its members are rural workers, and condemn its tactics of illegally occupying land, but it remains one of the best organised social

Global Internal Displacement Survey Shows Crisis Worsens, Middle East Particularly Affected
By: Press Release, Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC)
16 April 2007
Press Release   Global internal displacement crisis worsens, Middle East particularly hard hit, says survey   GENEVA, 16 April 2007 – The number of people newly displaced within their own countries by conflict has sharply increased, with the Middle East particularly hard hit by new displacements, according to a global survey released today by

"Sustainable Urbanisation" Key to Fighting Urban Poverty
16 April 2007
NAIROBI, 16 April 2007 (IRIN) - The number of slum-dwellers worldwide is set to reach a new high in 2007, making alleviating poverty a global priority, the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said on Monday. "Urban poverty should be unacceptable in the new urban era, and yet this is the

UN Readies for its Biggest-Ever Gathering on Corporate Citizenship
By: UN Press
15 April 2007
More than 700 business leaders and hundreds of top representatives from government, labour and civil society are expected to attend the <"http://www.unglobalcompact.org/">Global Compact Leaders Summit in Geneva in July, which will be the largest ever gathering convened by the United Nations on the issue of corporate citizenship. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told

Landmark Ruling against Bulgaria for Violating Roma Housing Rights
By: Press Release
10 April 2007
Bulgaria Found in Violation of European Social Charter as a Result of Systematic Failure to Act on Positive Obligations The European Committee of Social Rights has ruled that Bulgaria is in violation of the European Social Charter for systematically denying the rights of Roma to adequate housing, in a decision

Demolition Ends China House Row
By: BBC News Online
03 April 2007
The home of a Chinese family who defied property developers in a high-profile campaign has finally been demolished.   The family of Wu Ping gave up defending their Chongqing house after reportedly reaching a deal with the authorities.   The "nail house" - so called because it refused to be hammered down

The Jordan Valley, Land and Self-Determination
By: Al Haq
02 April 2007
Al-Haq takes the occasion of Land Day to highlight the intrinsic link between land and the exercise of the right to self-determination. Over nearly 40 years of occupation, Israel’s pervasive policies of land expropriation and confiscation, settlement construction and movement restrictions have severely damaged the access of the Palestinian people

Colombia: Miles de personas forzadas a huir
By: Informe del CICR
30 March 2007
Ginebra (CICR) – "En 2006, miles de personas se vieron obligadas a huir de sus hogares a causa de las presiones sufridas para que participaran en las hostilidades, las amenazas de muerte, la matanza de miembros de la familia y el peligro de verse atrapadas entre dos fuegos," explica Barbara

Karachi "And Then They Came for Me!"
By: Fatima Bhutto, The News
22 March 2007
First they came for the katchi abadis. The slums that house between 40 to 60 per cent of Karachi’s residents were among the first to be hit. Families lost their homes, their neighbourhoods, their schools, and their inalienable right to simply exist. The residents of our katchi abadis live on

Slum in Way of Mumbai’s Progress
By: Navdip Dhariwal, BBC News
22 March 2007
Mumbai (Bombay) is India’s biggest city and greatest hope, with aspirations of becoming the next Shanghai. But in the way of its rapid progress stands Asia’s largest slum. Dharavi sits in the heart of the financial capital, but plans to transform it are being met with fierce opposition. Every inch

Rights Not REITs!
By: HIC and Tenants Forum Ruhr
21 March 2007
At Friday, March 23, the German Bundestag in Berlin will finally decide on the permission of the disputed tax-exempt real estate companies, REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts). At this occasion HABITAT COALITION INTERNATIONAL (HIC) – a worldwide coalition for the right to housing - and TENANT FORUM RUHR – a

China Backs Property Law, Buoying Middle Class
By: Joseph Kahn, New York Times
19 March 2007
BEIJING, Friday, March 16 — After more than a quarter-century of market-oriented economic policies and record-setting growth, China on Friday enacted its first law to protect private property explicitly. The measure, which was delayed a year ago amid vocal opposition from resurgent socialist intellectuals and old-line, left-leaning members of the ruling

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