Israeli Settler Effluent on Qalqiliya School

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Israeli Settler Effluent on Qalqiliya School
By: Middle East Monitor
02 November 2018

Israel settlers dump sewage on Palestinian school in Qalqiliya

Israeli settlers dumped their sewage on a Palestinian school in the northern occupied West Bank district of Qalqilia yesterday.

The Azzun Beit Amin School playground was flooded with sewage for the second time in two months as a result of the settlers’ actions.

Principal Alaa Marabeh said it would take more than ten days for the sewage water to dry and this has caused a foul smell to spread across the school building and risks damaging the students’ health.

The settlers live in the nearby illegal settlement of Sha’arei Tikva which is home to some 4,000 Jewish settlers.

Since it occupied the West Bank in the Six Day War of 1967, Israel has pursued a continuous policy of illegal settlement. Israeli human rights organisation B’Tselem estimates that as of the end of 2015 there were 127 Israeli government-sanctioned settlements in the West Bank and a further 100 outposts, which do not have government recognition. Although Israel differentiates between settlements and outposts, both are illegal under Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva convention which prevents the transfer of civilian populations into occupied territory.

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Photo: Home-bound Palestinian school children caught wading in sewage water, 2 November 2018. Source: Twitter.

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