UN Gaza Database May ID Israel Attack Targets

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UN Gaza Database May ID Israel Attack Targets
By: Ali Abunimah, Electronic Intifada
13 January 2016

The UN database for facilitating Gaza reconstruction aid may give Israel targets to attack, according to a secret memo.

The UN was warned that its database of potential aid recipients in Gaza could provide Israel with targets for future attacks, a document obtained by The Electronic Intifada reveals.

Diplomats and UN officials were also warned that plans for rebuilding Gaza after it was attacked by Israel in 2014 violated international law.

The UN-backed Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism (GRM) is illegal and violates the very “right to life” of the Palestinian people, according to a confidential legal opinion by a law professor who analyzed the mechanism for a major aid agency that works closely with the UN.

The Electronic Intifada is publishing the full text of the GRM for the first time, along with the legal opinion. Both documents are below.

Recall that in 2014, The Electronic Intifada revealed that the GRM, the UN-brokered agreement that was supposedly going to facilitate reconstruction, would effectively reinforce Israel’s control over Gaza.

But the UN, the Palestinian Authority and Israel have kept the actual text of the GRM secret, despite demands for transparency from Palestinians whose ability to rebuild their lives has remained hostage to its suffocating restrictions.

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Photo: A Palestinian woman walks between the ruins of Beit Hanun, in the northern Gaza Strip, 12 August 2014. Source: Basel Yazouri/ ActiveStills.

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