Palestine/Israel: Building the Occupation

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Palestine/Israel: Building the Occupation
By: Megan O’Toole, Al Jazeera
13 February 2016

Israel’s occupation is a physical construct, bolstered by the building of both the separation wall and Jewish settlements throughout the West Bank, and by the destruction of properties and the seizure of Palestinian land.

Al Jazeera profiles three Palestinian families who have been impacted by the occupation in very different ways.

Al Jazeera presents the story in three chapters:

1. Construction: For years, Osama al-Seikh helped to build the settlements that are slowly strangling Palestinian life.

2. Demolition: In the ruins of his family’s home, Mohammed Allyan is struggling to cope with the death of his son.

3. Separation: The separation wall severed Kiffayah Khatib from both her community and the chance for a normal life.

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Photo: Hanging in the ruins of his family`s home is a poster of Bahaa Allyan, whom Israeli soldiers killed in January for alleged involvement in a bus attack in Tal Buyut/Talpiot. Photography and videography by Wojtek Arciszewski.

• Armed / ethnic conflict
• Demographic manipulation
• Destruction of habitat
• Discrimination
• Displaced
• Displacement
• Forced evictions
• Historic heritage sites
• Housing rights
• Human rights
• Indigenous peoples
• Land rights
• Local Governance
• National
• People under occupation
• Population transfers
• Public policies
• Squatting / occupation
• Urban planning

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