USA: Detroit Class Action Suit over Water Crisis

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USA: Detroit Class Action Suit over Water Crisis
By: Click On Detroit
15 January 2016

DETROIT—A class action lawsuit has been filed against the state of Michigan, Gov. Rick Snyder and the city of Flint for what plaintiffs are calling negligence in the Flint water crisis.

Plaintiffs Doris Collins, Robin Pleasant and Jason Phinisee claim to have suffered injury from contaminated drinking water after the state connected to the Flint River in a cost-cutting move, the lawsuit reads.

Plaintiffs are currently still billed for the undrinkable water, the suit reads.

Gov. Rick Snyder, the state of Michigan, the city of Flint, former Flint emergency financial manager Darnell Earley (who is the current emergency manager for Detroit Public Schools), Howard Croft and all others similarly situated are named as defendants.

Croft recently resigned from his position as Flint Public Works director.

Attorney Brenda Williams is representing the plaintiffs.

The city of Flint`s tap water became contaminated with too much lead after the city switched its water supply in 2014 to save money while under state financial management.

View the lawsuit here.

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Photo: Local resident raises specimen of public water during his press conference announcing that the city of Flint would finally be allowed to return to Detroit’s water system, 17 October 2015. Source: Michigan Chronicle.

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