Loss and Damage Fund: A Participation Blueprint

‍The ACE Observatory, Columbia Climate School, Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Washington DC, the Center for International Environmental Law, and the Loss and Damage Collaboration have jointly published an advocacy brief aimed at the Board of the UNFCCC Loss and Damage Fund (LDF). It underscores the importance of establishing robust, inclusive mechanisms for meaningful participation by all rightsholders, especially affected communities and groups. The brief also outlines the strategic modalities the LDF Board should prioritize when developing operational policies and guidelines.

Loss and Damage Fund: A Participation Blueprint, authored by Isatis M. Cintron-Rodriguez, Liane Schalatek and Lien Vandamme, seeks to bridge the gap between policy intentions and actual outcomes, advocating for a transparent and fully accountable participatory framework that not only ensures equitable access to the fund, but also empowers communities to lead and innovate efforts to overcome the impacts of climate change.

The briefing paper first establishes the principles and prerequisites for meaningful participation as the preferred mode of engagement. Among those essentials are the dissemination of reliable information; sufficient development of technical and administrative capabilities; technical assistance; respect for, and inclusion of traditional and Indigenous knowledge; the partnership of complementary institutions; monitoring, evaluation, learning and adaptation. The publication provides case studies and success stories and a set of recommendations for the LDF Board.

By delineating clear, actionable strategies for stakeholder engagement, governance, and operational modalities, the brief serves as a roadmap for LDF Board members. It conveys the urgency of fostering an enabling environment where meaningful participation can thrive, thereby enhancing the Fund`s impact and driving forward the global agenda for climate justice, human rights, and sustainable development.

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