Base de données des cas
Titre Date Détails Développements Soutenir
UA: Cameroon: 5,000 Evicted, 250 Homes Destroyed 14 August 2008 Soutenir
UA (support): Brazil, Increasing Criminalization of the Landless Rural Workers Movement (MST) 14 July 2008 Soutenir
UA(support): Philippines, Support Manila Urban Poor 18 June 2008 Soutenir
Iraq: An expected Tsunami under the occupation and corruption (Arabic) 26 May 2008 Soutenir
UA (support): Indonesia, Thousands to be Evicted and Left Homeless 25 May 2008 Soutenir
UA (support): Haiti, Forced Evictions of Peasants in Airbonite 19 May 2008 Soutenir
UA(support): Global, Support the Optional Protocol for ICESCR 13 March 2008 Soutenir
UA(support): Colombia, Peasants Arrested and Threatened 25 October 2007 Soutenir
OL: Pakistan, Violent Demolition of Juma Goth Settlement 08 October 2007 Soutenir
Palestine: occupied Jordan Valley: ethnic cleansing 28 August 2007 Latest Development Soutenir
UA: Israel, Ethnic Cleansing Continues 27 August 2007 Latest Development Soutenir
UA: Israel, State Continues its "Secret" Policies of House Demolitions against Palestinians 07 July 2007 Soutenir
UA: Israel, Forced Evictions and Displacement of the Jahalin Bedouin 06 July 2007 Latest Development Soutenir
OL: Philippines, Violent Demolition and Forced Eviction of 141 Families 03 July 2007 Soutenir
UA(support): Palestine, Jahalin Bedouin Threatened with Displacement 07 June 2007 Latest Development Soutenir
OL: Pakistan, Emaar Properties Responsible for Impending Displacement of 500,000 02 June 2007 Soutenir
UA: Israel, Parastatal Institutions Escalate Dispossession 28 May 2007 Soutenir
UA(support): India, Harassment of Dalit Villagers 10 April 2007 Soutenir
Egypt: Egyptian security forces brutally attack and forcibly evict residents from blaze site 27 March 2007 Soutenir
UA: Egypt, Security Forces Attack and Evict Blaze Victims 27 March 2007 Latest Development Soutenir

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