Base de données des cas
Titre Date Détails Développements Soutenir
Global Report: Growing Attacks against Housing and Land Rights Defenders 10 March 2007 Soutenir
UA: Cambodia, Stolen Land Displaces Indigenous Peoples 06 March 2007 Latest Development Soutenir
OL: Bangladesh, Ongoing Forced Evictions Violate Human Rights 06 February 2007 Soutenir
UA(support): Honduras, Repression of Peasants in Vallecito 28 November 2006 Soutenir
UA: Cameroon, 400 Persons Evicted and 10,000 More Expected 26 November 2006 Soutenir
OL: Argentina: To Minister Cerruti on Urban Renovation Policies 08 November 2006 Soutenir
UA: Israel, State to Destroy Entire Bedouin Village in the Naqab 31 October 2006 Latest Development Soutenir
UA: Philippines, Demolition of Urban Poor Houses, Arrest and Detention of Protesters 25 October 2006 Soutenir
OL(joint): To Louise Arbour on Violence toward Refugees in Egypt 01 September 2006 Soutenir
UA: India, Threat of Demolition of 4,500 homes and Forced Eviction Thousands More 30 August 2006 Soutenir
OL: Mexico, President Quesada Must Intervene to Stop Human Rights Violations 21 August 2006 Latest Development Soutenir
OL(joint): Palestine, To UN about Illegal Closures in Gaza 27 July 2006 Soutenir
UA (renewed): Cambodia, 1,000 families to be Evicted by Authorities 26 July 2006 Soutenir
OL to UN Secretary General on Proposed Registry of Damages 20 July 2006 Latest Development Soutenir
UA: Cambodia, Authorities evict 1,000 Families for Private Development 19 July 2006 Latest Development Soutenir
UA: Palestine, Israel Applies Collective Punishment and Threatens Lives in Gaza 17 July 2006
OL: To James W. Owens, CEO, Caterpillar Inc on Use of Bulldozers in Demolitions 27 May 2006 Latest Development Soutenir
UA: India, Authorities Set Fire to an Entire Slum 16 May 2006 Soutenir
UA: India, Increase in Dam Height Threatens Thousands of Families 04 April 2006 Soutenir
UA: Nigeria, Authorities Evict over 800,000 in Abuja 06 January 2006 Soutenir

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