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  • Population transfer
  • Known also by other synonyms, population transfer is a process involving the movement of people as a consequence of processes in which a State government or State-authorized agencies participate. Such processes, whether intended or unintended, negatively affect the human rights of the transferred population, as well as the inhabitants of an area into which settlers move or are transferred. The term transfer implies purpose in the act of moving a population; however, it is not necessary that a destination be predefined. The State`s role in population transfer may be active or passive, but nonetheless contributes to the systematic, coercive and deliberate nature of the movement of population into or out of an area. Thus, an element of official force, coercion or malign neglect is present in the state population transfer practice or policy. The state`s role may involve financial subsidies, planning, public information, military action, recruitment of settlers, legislation or other judicial action, and even the administration of justice.[1]

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