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  • Restitution
  • should, whenever possible, restore the victim to the original situation before the gross violations of international human rights law or serious violations of international humanitarian law occurred. Restitution includes, as appropriate: restoration of liberty, enjoyment of human rights, identity, family life and citizenship, return to one’s place of residence, restoration of employment and return of property.[1]

    Thus, restitution is closely linked to the other forms of redress that constitute the legally defined elements of reparation: restitution, return, compensation, rehabilitation, satisfaction and guarantees of nonrepetition. No one of the seven elements of reparation can substitute for another form. (See “Reparation,” “Compensation,” “Guarantees of nonrepetition,” “Rehabilitation,” “Return (right of),” “Resettlement” and “Satisfaction” in this list of terms.)

    [1]    “Remedy and Reparation Guidelines,” Article 19.

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