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  • Spatial justice
  • is a term that has gathered interest in the human and social sciences. Spatial justice expresses the link between social justice and space in human societies as essential to the understanding of social injustice and its link to planning policies. Applying this concept aims at reducing such injustices.

    The concept of spatial justice is applied through two main approaches: One explores socio-spatial distribution, in order to realize an equal geographical distribution of the services and facilities to meet the needs and demands of the society, without discrimination.

    The other approach analyzes decision-making process in order to understand the spatial dimension of representation, identities (territorial or otherwise) and social practices. This approach pursues justice as a process that requires opening physical spaces for marginalized and minority communities to examine and manage their spatial practices and other factors affecting their living conditions, to engage in policy deliberations and exercise full citizenship within their community.

    In the urban or rural context, spatial justice is important to sustain the production, structure and function of spaces consistent with the social composition and needs, enabling reconsideration of who accesses, uses and maintains space in human settlements, and how.

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