USA: Oregon Land, “Rightful Owners”

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USA: Oregon Land, “Rightful Owners”
By: Burns Paiute Tribe, et al
15 January 2016

Please find below US press coverage of the ongoing, multidimensional land dispute in Oregon, USA. Follow the links below for a review of competing views.

Crackpots in Cowboy Hats, and in Congress

Whose Land Is It Anyway?

We were here first.”

Eastern Oregon once had a Malheur Indian Reservation. Guess what happened.

Native American Tribe Says Oregon Armed Occupiers Are Desecrating Sacred Land

Harney County to Armed Militia: Go Home to Your Families

Oregon Land Dispute Highlights Broader Debate on Federal Land

USA: Oregon Land Dispute against Federal Govt.

Occupation Upends Life in Rural Oregon Area

Republicans Temper Anti-Government Rhetoric Over Oregon Armed Protest

Oregon Armed Protest Leader Says Group Will Defend Occupied Building

The Oregon Occupier’s land dispute explained in 9 maps

Photo on front page: The Burns Paiute Tribe holds a Wednesday news conference to voice their concerns about the armed takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. (Burns Paiute Tribe) . Source: public news service. Map on this page: Location of land dispute. Source: The Wall Street Journal/National Atlas.

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• Land rights
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• Norms and standards
• Pastoralists
• Property rights
• Security of tenure

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